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Re^2: How to access elements that SOAP::Lite Returns

by Anonymous Monk
on Dec 01, 2006 at 02:38 UTC ( #587102=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: How to access elements that SOAP::Lite Returns
in thread How to access elements that SOAP::Lite Returns

Thanks, That was really helpful. The choices SOAP::Lite makes for the data structure seem entirely random (Hash or Array?!!) and unpredictable to me, so I just chose to get XML and parse it this way. It works for now. I'm open to more elegant solutions, but it works.
foreach my $campaign (@{$output->{'SOAP-ENV:Body'}->{APIResponse}->{ClickFraudReport}-> +{Campaigns}->{Campaign}} ) { print "\n\n"; print " Campaign: $campaign->{Name}\n"; print " Cost: $campaign->{Cost}\n"; ...

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Node Type: note [id://587102]
[tye]: I just daemonized and getlogin() still knew who I had been.
[tye]: perhaps loginuid ? Not that I concede that something not being in /proc means it is not useful.
[Corion]: tye: That's really interesting, but maybe it is because getlogin() returns the name, or the uid, so if that user has been replaced by another user with the same uid in the meantime, that's no problem to the system...
[davido]: or on ubuntu /var/run/utmp
[Corion]: Otherwise, I would imagine that a user with a process still alive would lock that information in memory.
[davido]: so last -f /var/run/utmp on ubuntu provides similar (though more verbose) info
[oiskuu]: glibc getlogin just does ttyname() and falls back on getutline(); it's not security related at all. (reminds me of sendmail and remote finger services of the naive early spam era)
[Corion]: But yes, "who started this process" is interesting information :)
[tye]: no, I really believe that "login user" was added as a fundamental bit of info about each process in order to enhance the usefulness of auditing
[Corion]: Ah - if that information is saved in a file, then you could theoretically spam that file and confuse getlogin(). So, don't use it for authentication :)

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