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Re: I post to Perlmonks anonymously...

by wulvrine (Friar)
on Dec 05, 2006 at 13:21 UTC ( #587865=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to I post to Perlmonks anonymously...

Why create an account of not to use it. Heck the username/pw are 'remembered' so it is just the button click that I'd be saving. I'm a lazy engineer (good thing!) but not THAT lazy!

s&&VALKYRIE &&& print $_^q|!4 =+;' *|

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Node Type: note [id://587865]
[choroba]: callback for formulas would be nice, too. But I'm just kidding.
[1nickt]: Tux Just curious; what was the previous behaviour with formulas?
[Tux]: expand on that? actually calculate the formula? I see you are kidding, but I want to know what people might want
[Tux]: no special behavior. it is (for CSV) just a string as everything else
[Tux]: PM is slooooooooow. causes questions and answers to get out of sync
[1nickt]: Tux How is the danger ameliorated in, eg.g, MS Excel? Some sort of sandbox with rules?

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