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Re: I post to Perlmonks anonymously...

by wjw (Priest)
on Dec 06, 2006 at 17:50 UTC ( #588142=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to I post to Perlmonks anonymously...

Only by mistake, as I believe anonymity is cumulative and I am scared silly of simply dis-appearing into the great void of white noise.

...the majority is always wrong, and always the last to know about it...

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Re^2: I post to Perlmonks anonymously...
by Jasper (Chaplain) on Dec 06, 2006 at 18:03 UTC
    My very first post ever was anonymous. It garnered more XP than any other post I've ever made, but am I bitter?

    Yes, I am, a bit. :)

    This was it, and why anyone upvoted that abomination is beyond me :S

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