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Christmas felicitations, 2006 update

by Anonymous Monk
on Dec 24, 2006 at 11:44 UTC ( #591502=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I wish you never receive a Christmas felicitation longer than this one. It is so long because it contains a classical English poem in four different languages. Can you figure them out? (Hint: try in Perl first.)
int qq=0;/*\def~#1~{}~{{=;{# Imagine your Christmas felicitations belo +w. */ #include <std +io.h> #define q(q) char w,v[]="@n'+,#'/*{}w+/w#cdnr/+,{}r/*de}+,/*{*+,/w{%+, +/w#"q q("q#n+,/#{l,+,/n{n+,/+#n+,/#;#q#n+,/+k#;*+,/'r :'d*'3,}{w+K w'K:'+}e# +';dq" "#'l q#'+d'K#!/+k#;q#'r}eKK#}w'r}eKK{nl]'/#;#q#n'>{>#}w'>{>{nl]'/+#n'; +d}rw" "' i;# >{nl]!/n{n#'; r{#w'r nc{nl]'/#{l,+'K {rw' iK{;[{nl]'/w#q#n'wk n +w' i" "wk{KK{nl]!/w{%'l##w#' i; :{nl]'/*{q#'ld;r'}{nlwb!/*de}'c ;;{nl'-{}rw] +'/+," "}##'*}#nc,',#nw]'/+kd'+e}+;#'rdq#w! nr'/ '> }+}{rl#'{n' '># }'+}##<!! +/"),s #define dducfirstde ;static int f(int t,int _,char*a){return!0<t?t<3?f +(-79, #define lt -13,a+f(-87,1-_,f(-86,0,a+1)+a)):1,t<_?f(t+1,_,a):3,f(-94,- +27+t, #define s a)&&t==2?_<13?f(2,_+1,"%s %d %d\n"):9:16:t<0?t<-72?f(_,t,v): +t<-50 #define ici ?_==*a?putchar(31[a]):f(-65,_,a+1):f((*a=='/')+t,_,a+1):0< +t?f(2 #define length ,2,"%s"):*a=='/'||f(0,f(-61,*a,"!ek;dc i@bK'<q>-[w]*%n+ +r3#l" #define mysweetdiego ",{}:\nuwloca-O;m .vpbks,fxntdCeghiry"),a+1);}int + main #define cmp(s) (int t,char**_){struct w{int v;};if(sizeof(w)>1){v[111] +='d'; #define cos(u) (2006)v[112]='n',v[113]=';',v[114]=':';}return!f(t,_?0: +0,0); dducfirstde lt s ici length mysweetdiego cmp(s ror study biconverge an +d s l lleg and s fd fdo do reverse foo xor s go dog chr reverse ord srand hy +perge and s eselcfirstexesee)if cos(s e e q dISWcJyccBWXJKcjBTocVUFEYcCUJWcD +ooYLW cWLoUccIEYVcTNTVLPyTcoPooQVXcLcRooVEYmTTTNTcLPREcocWoPYCcnQFKHCocEhcVM +cooQt ctUPcAWWKroCoBLcPcLcAlUToCbcWoTLVYNoREcLcToctYzoooTcoKocMcUTCKJoCDUUoc +VMURI gMLSahOXDTcococaAQAoCKBcQoocozfkIITnPikugLocvccCoBGYiTTPcXcoimVuIDfavH +lKHVX cokTPUooKgUYVoXVVxSjIAPmKUNbuocoPcBcYXUcVPkcoTcocVbPHoQTUOGxufBooTcmBF +oVKPY loFcccXcoDmcvIOMMDOGmSBQovoTTBolPycPAoVVnKUIItTwBnYroocTTVccoKCcVoKloc +rIrCf SBzgCocDJQRcccoVVzcQCUBxpioOLMsYZYucYoTTjWCoVoYHPTcBbxjoriLxGkaQcccycc +cLTTl UcNTBocoVUtuINkOxXCGOYvccJcCcUoobccLYroTcJtoooTtococzoEngovuncDNgooctc +oOLXV mVmZoTCETcYoARclVQBTVoQoLcYHVcmkjhFjOfoWTocPVmoocWoLoccJMLYWOLsMBvFiMZ +IHXNo VochoRcTooJooCoLWuskMhhgIKPTooocZZocXTTYoqcoWWaKSqmCgZoPVmWcVcQokUTWot +oNXWP uGvIqPaowkBocXcoTToLToooVVIcoqAnzzhigoTVohVVoUUQoBAcpccPooMVoGToDYQqqp +pyIjp NoVXScXUFovKoocUbLcVQTWNgbuHtioHsTocoRccoGcTXoocKTVocjgEpHDBloWcoEVVoH +oocDc goUoWTVVTcEYBPnKpaoIFVVVXAcHbcoTocoAVTNTToftfXPmiiOopuaoVXccooUjcoocUc +JUkTN cTFEXuVVmoUlWorTccoloGcTBoPooLcUlKoUcoXoYokocaAooTgPqTYLmcwJoVXocvmtJC +jpcEo TTOorccVococoMoocTErPcVocqYEcVQoYcccocoKvoooQKuYcoQoloECoWojooQoofocWR +ooJLc coojOIQcWohrdemix)}int qw;/*;;q/}}}}}}}}}}~\let\i\ifnum\newcount\C\new +count \D\begingroup\let\l\lccode\C`A\loop \i\C<`N \D\C \advance\D13 \l\C\D \ +l\D\C \advance\C1\repeat\C`a\loop\i\C<`n \D\C \advance\D13 \l\C\D \l\D\C \ad +vance \C1\repeat\lowercase{\endgroup\output{\def~{\hfil\break} \setbox0\hbox +{\box 255}\setbox0\vbox{\kern-18cg\special{cncrefvmr=8.5va,11va}\parindent0c +g{\bf Gur Gjryir Fjrrg Qnlf bs Puevfgznf}\medskip\loop\i\C<12Ba gur \ifcase\ +C sv% efg\or frpbaq\or guveq\or sbhegu\or svsgu\or fvkgu\or friragu\or rvtug +u\or% avagu\or gragu\or ryriragu\or gjrysgu\fi\ qnl bs Puevfgznf zl fjrrg yb +ir t% nir gb zr~\i\C>10gjryir qehzzref qehzzvat,\fi\i\C>9ryrira cvcref cvcva +t, %% \fi\i\C>8gra ybeqf n-yrncvat,~\fi\i\C>7avar ynqvrf qnapvat, \fi \i\C>6 +rvtug znvqf n-zvyxvat, \fi\i\C>5frira fjnaf n-fjvzzvat,~\fi\i\C>4fvk trrfr n +-ynl% vat, \fi\i\C>3svir tbyq evatf;~\fi\i\C>2sbhe pnyyvat oveqf, \fi \i\C>1 +guerr serapu uraf, \fi \i\C>0gjb ghegyr qbirf~naq \fi n cnegevqtr va n crne +gerr. \endgraf\smallskip\advance\C1\repeat}\shipout\box0}\end}% pts@fazekas. +hu */

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Re: Christmas felicitations, 2006 update
by truedfx (Monk) on Dec 24, 2006 at 15:45 UTC
    I remember this from last year. There's Perl, C, and C++. As for the fourth language, is it still plain TeX, or have you changed it to LaTeX? I don't remember enough of it to tell myself, I'm afraid. Merry Christmas, by the way.
      It must be plain TeX since there's no reference to \documentclass.
        The proper reason why it cannot be LaTeX is that the file starts with typesettable letters (int), and LaTeX doesn't allow typesettable letters before \begin{document}. Actually it is plain TeX.

        What has changed since 2005: rot13-encryption of the plain TeX part (so it is no longer obvious which poem it prints), and the long initial string of the C/C++ part is made more compact, especially the #define q line.

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