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Re: Reading Raw data in CGI::Application

by andyford (Curate)
on Jan 04, 2007 at 21:18 UTC ( #593021=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Reading Raw data in CGI::Application

I've been using the JSON header via CGI::Application::Plugin::JSON to send data from a CGI::Application webapp. Say you have a runmode called "blackout". Here's an untested sketch:

sub blackout { my $self = shift; my $message = 'hi!'; $self->header_add(-type=>"text/plain"); my $query = $self->query(); my $output = $query->start_html(); $output .= $query->span($message); $self->add_json_header(boStatus=>'OK'); $self->add_json_header(boError=>'SUCCESS'); $self->add_json_header(boMessage=>$message); $output .= $query->end_html; return $output; }
Notice the span tag: I couldn't find a way to get it working without putting someting in the body of the page, so I just stuck the message in there. Figured it would at least mean something if it ever got displayed by a browser.

Now on the other end, I'm using the prototype library to get the JSON out of the header.

I don't know how to do Ajax without prototype, so this is the best I can give you.

function tryJSON(app) { var url = '/cgi-bin/TryCGIApp.cgi'; var params = "mode=blackout"; new Ajax.Request(url, { onSuccess : function(resp,jsonheader) { var foo = jsonheader.boStatus; var funk = jsonheader.boError; alert("The response from the server is: " + foo + " and " ++ funk); }, onFailure : function(resp) { alert("Oops, there's been an error."); }, parameters : params }); }

I assume there's some way to reverse this process, with the javascript adding the JSON headers, but I haven't gotten that far yet...If you get it, please post!

Update:  explicitly mention CGI::Application::Plugin::JSON

non-Perl: Andy Ford

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Re^2: Reading Raw data in CGI::Application
by derby (Abbot) on Jan 05, 2007 at 13:32 UTC

    ++ and thanks for the clue about CGI::Application::Plugin::JSON (I hadn't seen that). I've been using JSON but instead of header type text/plain, I've been using application/json (which is outlined in the rfc).

      Quick solution <if anybody still needed on sending json for runmode>
      sub send_json_data: Runmode { my $self = shift; $self->header_add(-type=>"application/json"); ... }
      OR refer this inside of CGI::Application::Plugin::JSON import() >> _send_headers() should take care of it.. though, its not taking care of for above runmode to return json data.
      sub _send_headers { my $self = shift; my $private = $self->param('__CAP_JSON') || {}; if( defined $private->{header} ) { $self->header_add( '-x-json' => $self->json_header_string ); } if( defined $private->{json_body} ) { $self->header_add('-type' => 'application/json'); } elsif ( defined $private->{json_callback} ) { $self->header_add('-type' => 'text/javascript'); } }

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