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Re^2: Script to show space usage by user in home partition

by OfficeLinebacker (Chaplain)
on Jan 12, 2007 at 07:10 UTC ( #594321=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Script to show space usage by user in home partition
in thread Script to show space usage by users in home partition

I guess I should have said "they won't do hard quotas." I'm not a sysadmin so I don't have the right to do that, and when I requested it the admin guys said it was too "Big Brother" ish or something. Well, when some inconsiderate person is just too lazy or "in a hurry" to do their work in one of the other partitions that are there for exactly this kind of thing (I believe the cuplrit(s) was/were large dataset(s) and/or log file(s))causing problems where my other users can't even log in to their workstations, it's kind of annoying.

I don't want to have to run around to peoples' offices at 6 pm asking them to delete some files so that things won't get even more fubar. At the very least this program or some incarnation thereof will end up as a bookmarked CGI script so that myself or someone else can look up the space usage and ask someone person to move their music files out of their roaming profile and on to the workstation hard drive or delete their log files or move their datasets or whatever.

Sorry if I am a little cranky, but I had to work late today because of this and missed getting to spend time with my wife and kid.

My boss is a big fan of the public accountability thing; he had me write a web page where each person records if they've tested access to certain websites that they're supposed to be able to get to in an emergency. When he outlined it for me he said like "the checklist on the back of bathroom doors at fast food restaurants." I figure publicly posting disk space usage is something that will be right up his alley.

I like computer programming because it's like Legos for the mind.
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Re^3: Script to show space usage by user in home partition
by john_oshea (Priest) on Jan 12, 2007 at 14:27 UTC

    I see from one of your other posts that you're restricted by sudo to a small set of commands, so you're unlikely to be able to run this directly, but...

    durep is really nice for this sort of thing:

    durep creates disk usage reports with bar graphs, allowing one to easily deduce which directories are using the most space. Although durep can produce text output similar to du, its real power lies in the ability to store reports in a file, which can then be viewed as a web page with the supplied cgi script

    Who knows, your boss may like this enough to possibly persuade your sysadmins to install it ;-)

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