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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Last update: Feb 10, 2016 at 23:25 UTC
[LanX]/mag Choroba
[choroba]or is there a secret "magnify" command?
[shmem]choroba: maybe, but the spell has proved wrong
[RonW]I thought the term was "enhance"
[shmem]jeffa, existence needs no further justification besides itself
[jeffa]and that's why you never improve?
[shmem]whence that assertion?
[jeffa]because i have little to no respect for you?
[shmem]This isn't new to me. Your lack of respect for others isn't linked to their improvements. Try again.
[jeffa]no, i'm telling everyone this because i have little to no respect for you
[jeffa]this is all a game of public consensus ... and that is what is so funny because there really is no one left here :D
[jeffa]and by the way, i have respect for others ... just not you ... that's a huge difference
[jeffa]part of the reason why i have no respect for you shmem is because you turn that statement around and lie by saying i have no respect for others.... i am talking to YOU
[jeffa]you are dishonest
[jeffa]when you have to win arguments by twisting words --- you get zero respect and your character is just low --- you cheat instead of improving yourself
[shmem]there are certainly others you do have little to no respect for, right? Or is it that I am the only one?
[shmem]see, my improvements (on whatever field) are not linked to your respect for me. And that's the case with all others you have no respect for.
[shmem]I don't have to win arguments because, so far, there haven't been any
[shmem]Even if there was a debate, I wouldn't try to win arguments. What for?
[erix]don't feed the troll shmem
[jeffa]"I wouldn't try to win arguments. What for?" you just did :) ... again you are a dishonest lying troll shmem
[shmem]erix, thanks for the advice ;-)
[jeffa]i have asked both of you to put me on /ignore
[jeffa]just goes to show to are more interested in neutralizing what i say here rather than practicing what you preach
[erix]btw, shmem I've had a lot of fun from your spanish-music advice a while ago (Soledad Bravo mostly, also others)
[shmem]my ignore list features just one monk - Intrepid. I can hardly resist putting you besides him
[erix]oops - venezolana :)
[shmem]erix, I have much more to give in that respect...
[beech]beech is twelve feet tall
[shmem]erix: I've been living in Chile from beginnings of 1974 to 1980 - got there at the age of 12. Music has always been a dwelling of my soul, and so...
[shmem]I've absorbed the tunes of that subcontinent like a dry sponge
[erix]I suppose I've got some catching up to do :)
[shmem]jellisii2: contrary to popular belief, vuvuzela is not a country in northern south america ;-)
[erix]heh took me a few minutes (and wikipedia) to remember vuvuzela
[jeffa]i remember when shmem used to support and encourage Intrepid
[erix]hm, that guy on the image has a kudu vuvuzela - that's cool
[shmem]erix: for instance, chayanteñita
[shmem]jeffa, WHAT? you're just becoming insane

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[shmem]erix: fine andinic music from Bolivia Manta: Wiñayataqui
[shmem]the first tune is a Huayno from Cusco, Peru
[erix]that'll take some getting used to :)
[erix](like so much music)
[jeffa]so you can query an objects 'type' in Python ... but if you want to debug that with a print statement you have to explicitly cast the return of type() to a string ... print() can't do it for you
[erix]don't get me wrong -- much appreciated
[jeffa]shmem you were friends with Interpid, yes you were
[shmem]I used to play that music myself. The chord backed stuff is relatively easy listening...
[jeffa]you used to defend him all the time here
[shmem]...but to appreciate and understand the pan flute & drum stuff, you just must have been there, at 4000m at the Altiplano
[erix]heh; "His movements are happy and roguish"
[jeffa]you used to defend him so much, and you act like him so much that i accused you of being one his sock puppets
[jeffa]and i still think you are
[jeffa]all you do is fill the CB with non-programming related materical
[linuxer]like someone else ...
[shmem]jeffa, just STFU. I'm a real german guy, born 11.11.1961, currently living in Karlsfeld, descendant of Latvian, Russian and Polish ancestors. Been present at german perl workshops.
[shmem]and so on. But no evidence counts for you. You are so obsessed with that sock puppet bullshit that you are not reachable for arguments, it seems.
[jeffa]sure you are
[jeffa]here's an idea: put me on ignore
[jeffa]you too erix
[jeffa]i have been trying to discuss programming all day here linuxer ... what have you done?
[erix]sorry, not really funny (but remember I only see half of the conversation :))
[jeffa]you can't put me on ignore because you ARE a sock puppet and you are too afraid you'll be exposed
[linuxer]As far as I saw you are spamming this chatterbox with your private feud against some users.
[jeffa]good erix is no longer bothering me
[jeffa]no, i have been discussing programming and after i asked someone why they wanted to do something and they could not give an answer this whole feud started up ... learn how to read
[jeffa]if you don't like it then just type /ignore jeffa in the CB ... i don't care what you say or think
[linuxer]if you say so, it's right (in your world)
[jeffa]and it would be nice if you didn't care so much about what i had to say
[jeffa]but clearly you do
[linuxer]just don't spam the CB with this feud
[jeffa]298 writeups ... wow great contribution thank you
[shmem]hell jeffa, the stuff you're smoking is too bad. Get some punto rojo colombiano, this is what I've been burning back in 95 in Ecuador, to good effect
[linuxer]yeah, every post more worthy than your feud
[jeffa]shmem is advocating illegal drug usage in the CB
[shmem]erm... '85, not '95.
[jeffa]if what i say is not important, if i am not important, you guys sure show the opposite
[jeffa]i say anything and you all come crawling out of the wood work like cockroaches trying to shut me up
[jeffa]again --- use the /ignore feature ...
[linuxer]right now, you are not important, you are annoying and boring....
[jeffa]obviously not because you are still talking to me
[jeffa]when you should be typing /ignore jeffa
[shmem]what is important about accusing me of being a sock puppet if Interpid? Is that programming related in any way? Does that have to do anything with perl?
[linuxer]poor boy ...
[jeffa]i probalby make more than you linuxer
[jeffa]again, you cannot /ignore me shmem because you are too afraid of what i say around here
[linuxer]feuds? yes, you are.
[shmem]just look into CB 60 and look for any programming related stuff in your statements. See?
[jeffa]right now you are making the feud
[jeffa]i've been talking about why Python is inferior to Perl
[beech]jeffa: do you own a rocking chair?
[jeffa]this hour i memtioned that "○so you can query an objects 'type' in Python ... but if you want to debug that with a print statement you have to explicitly cast the return of type() to a string ... print() can't do it for you" ... but no one cared to discus
[shmem]jeffa, you are being a fool. I'm not afraid of anything anybody says. I'm afraid of fools running the government of countries, like God's Own.
[jeffa]so you can query an objects 'type' in Python ... but if you want to debug that with a print statement you have to explicitly cast the return of type() to a string ... print() can't do it for you
[linuxer]yeah, for camouflage.
[linuxer]but nevermind, keep flooding this with your feud, I am off...
[jeffa]"I'm not afraid of anything anybody says." then prove it by putting me on /ignore --- or give us another excuse as to why you can't
[jeffa]no, i was trying to have a convestion about casting linuxer
[shmem]why should I put [jeffa
[jeffa]because you argue with me all the time shmem
[jeffa]you whine and complain and call me a troll so why not put your money where your mouth is (where the sun don't shine)
[jeffa]i clearly upset you and you get butt hurt ... so just put me on /ignore and try to be happy for once in your miserable lifetime
[shmem]again, read CB 60. You have called me a troll; I didn't. Never did.
[jeffa]you've have called me a troll, insane, on drugs ... you slander a lot
[jeffa]all because you are afraid of what i say, i didn't realize my opinion was that important :)
[shmem]ack. I am so afraid.
[jeffa]hey shmem ... hey linuxer ... where is your online portfolio? where can we see what code you have contributed to open source?
[shmem]just look into cpan, for instance
[jeffa] pretty slim
[shmem]this is my only mosdule I found worth uploading.
[jeffa]test suite is horrible
[jeffa]i would clean that up, definitely
[shmem]the test suite is the one of Autoloader
[shmem]feel free to submit patches
[jeffa]i'd need to find a use first
[dmitri]You guys are still going at it...
[runrig]It has more tests than (at least) one of my modules...
[runrig]...I can think of two that just do 'try to "use $module"'
[erix]dmitri: the crazy buggers won't listen to me
[shmem]erix for sure, 'cause I'm listening to Paco Ibañez ;)
[erix]hm, 1964; old(ish) stuff (more familiar than the andean stuff though)
[shmem]erix - otra canción para tí: casida de las palomas oscuras
[erix]muchas gracias shmem
[shmem]Paco Ibañez and Joan Manuel Serrat are the spanish musicians of my life - like Mikis Theodorakis from Greece and Victor Jara from Chile

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