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Re: Perl Development Environment - Revisited

by sanPerl (Friar)
on Mar 14, 2007 at 07:17 UTC ( #604743=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl Development Environment - Revisited

I use vi. I am tested EPIC and very much impressed with it. But I am good in vi and I don't need to change my habit.
I did asked this question to one perl newsgroup, in 2005. Here are some of the replies, these may help you, I can conclude that most of the guys use VI or EPIC
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check and there I have used several years with success.

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Also try Epic ( which is a plug-in to Eclipse ( Eclipse is the Open Source visual tooling project heavily backed by IBM. I've only just started trying it, having also used the Open Perl IDE for years, and so far it looks good.

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Also have a look at Eclipse with EPIC installed. It is very good. Eclipse Epic I also use Emacs on windows, which I like , but it doesn't offer as much as Eclipse/EPIC or Open Perl IDE hope this helps

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I have used for 4 years for ALL my perl, xml and javascript work. I tried out ActivePerl's Komodo and gave up and went back to conTEXT.

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I know its not free, but I use UltraEdit, primarily because it is able to automatically parse the code for subroutines, and display them in a sidebar. That really helps by giving me a rundown on the object's methods, and lets me jump to the method quickly (without doing text search). Something very similar to JCreator for Java. I will like to try the Open IDE, seeing that it has built-in debugging. But is it also able to parse subroutines/ methods automatically as well? I really need that.

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Re^2: Perl Development Environment - Revisited
by Muggins (Pilgrim) on Mar 14, 2007 at 10:35 UTC
    I use ConTEXT in WinXP. Superb editor, it's really sped up my productivity. I too tried Komodo and several others, but found them a bit slow.

    With ConTEXT you can define macros and set keys F9-F12 to different functions: "run this script", "run perl -c on this script", "run with -d:ptkdb debugger", "profile..".

    It also has a function to compare your file with another saved file, and numerous other facilities. Supports many languages, too.

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