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Re^2: dynamic website, putting data into right tablefield's

by ultibuzz (Monk)
on Apr 16, 2007 at 20:03 UTC ( #610416=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: dynamic website, putting data into right tablefield's
in thread dynamic website, putting data into right tablefield's

thx for the nice example, but i got one question,
do you have checked if you insert the data in the right spot ?
i mean if this product and data belongs to sup 1 or 2 or whatever sup or to all the sups.
i hope i can clearify what i mean with this example table build of the example __DATA__

  1 2
Product flag data_s data_f data_s data_f
Promo X 22 106 10 5
Direct U 1      
Special U 1 2    

handling the data is not really a problem, but the right combination of it so it will be in the right place.
i am thinking to build a row array that has 2 +(sups*2) fields,so the data is in the right place but i stuck at the moment in merging the data together so i dont have 2 rows with Promo for example.
i don't use html template because i build my own template set in a package, for headers footers dropdowns forms and so on,but this template example looks good and im thinking of it to use it ;)

kd ultibuzz

UPDATE:i'm thinking to build a hash based data model to put in the data, somethink like:

rowhash { Product => { SUP => { DATA_S,DATA_F } SUP => { DATA_S,DATA_F } } Product => { SUP => { DATA_S,DATA_F } SUP => { DATA_S,DATA_F } } }
then i have all data in the right place.
i woud start adding all products to this hash stucture then all existing sup's, after that fill in data for the product->sup or leave data blank if no data is there.
so wahts your opinion
kd ultibuzz

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