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Re: CGI Buffer problem after upload with multipart form

by ultibuzz (Monk)
on Jun 13, 2007 at 14:07 UTC ( #620970=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to CGI Buffer problem after upload with multipart form

well problem solved :)
problem was the sqlldr that forces itself a print to STDOUT, wich the CGI also listen on, during the upload of the file from multipart form.

i replaced the background scripts system with my @garbage=qx{sqlldr.exe MOP CONTROL=C:/Apache2.2/script_run/bv_on_acc_loader.ctl};
so all output is foreced to come back to the @garbage array.

it's propably not the nicesed way to handly it, but i found so far no other ;)
thx to all of u thinking about my problem

kd ultibuzz

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