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list of words for median string problem

by ysth (Canon)
on Jul 05, 2007 at 01:42 UTC ( #624976=largedoc: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

List of words for Challenge: Find median string in a list

0 00 02 04 06 09 1 10 100 1000 1000cse 1001 1003 100dpi 1023 108 11 1100 117 11b 12 120 1251 13 130xe 1350 1394 1394ta 140 1497 15 16 169 17 1740 1743 175 18 1981 1985 1992 1992k 1995 1e 1x 2 20 200 2000 2001 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 20070518 2090 21 220 2307 234 2347 2348 2349 24025352 2430 244 24h 254 256 2600 27 28 2b 2c 2d 2k 2nd 2x 3 30 30k 32 320kb 323 3270 3284 32bit 32x 330 3300 350 3600 3626 370 390 3945abg 3986 3d 3ddesktop 3dpong 3ds 3g 3gp 3gpp 3rd 4 400 48 48k 4c 4l 4th 5 50 500 509 51 510 52 5200 5250 536ep 537 5430 5440 550i 5510 58 5x00l 6 64 64bit 6502 6760 69 690 6tunnel 6x00l 6xxx 7 700 710c 712c 71xx 72 7200 720c 722c 7440 754 75dpi 76 7x7 7z 7zip 8 80 800 800xl 802 8051 8086 80ds390 80x86 820cse 820cxi 850i 855 855resolution 865 88 8859 89 8bit 9 90 900 915 915resolution 92 95 9500 950i 9660 96xx 97 97svn 98 9base 9p 9wm a a1655g a2ps a52 a52dec a7xpg a800 aa aac aacgain aacplus aalib abc abc2ps abcde abcm2ps abcmidi abctorrent abdn abe ability abiword abl able abms abnt abntex abook about abs absolute absolutely abstract abstractable abstraction abstractions abuse abx abyss abyssws ac academy acars accelerated acceleration accelerator accelerators accents access accessed accessibility accessible accessing accessor accessx accompaniment accompanying according accordingly account accounting accounts acct acctd accudate accuracy accurate accurately ace acecad acer acerhk acessing acetoneiso achessclock achieves acid acidrip acircular acl acl00 aclock aconnectgui acoustic acoustics acpi acpid acpinotifier acpitool acquisition acrobat acrobatic acrofont acroread acroread7 across acting action actionhl actionq2 actions actionscript activation active activeheart actively activities activity actkbd acts actually actualy acx100 acx111 ad adams adapt adaptation adapted adapter adapters adaptive adapts adarwin adblock add added addictive adding additional additionally additionnal additions addon addons addr address addressbook addresse addresses adds adeskclock adesklet adesklets adjust adjusting adjusts adlib admin administer administered administering administrate administration administrative administrator administrators admit adns adnza adobe adom adonthell adopted adplug ads adsl adunanza advance advancecomp advanced advancemame advancemenu advanceutils advantage adventure adventures advertise advertisement adzap2squirm adzapper aegisub aeolus aeskulap aespipe af affinity afio afm afnix afrikaans afs aft after afterstep again against agave age agendaroids agent agents agere aggregate aggregating aggregation aggregator agi aging agnostic ago agorithm agreement agrep ags agsync ai ai2svg aid aida aide aids aiglx aiksaurus aim aimed aiming aims aint aio aiptek air aircrack aircrafts airhockey airport airsnort ais aix ajax ajaxterm aka akamaru akira akode al ala alac alacarte alarm albert album albumart albums albumshaper albumwrap alcatel alcohol aldm aldo aldrin alee alephone alert alevt alex alexandria algebra algebraic algorithm algorithmicx algorithms alias aliased aliases aliasing alice alien alienarena2007 alignment alike alive all allacrost allegro allegrogl alleyoop alliance allies alligator allin1 allocation allocator allow allowing allows alloy alloyon alltraxclock2 alltray almost alone along alongside alpha alphabets alphacube alsa alsamixer alsaplayer alsaspdif also alt altair alter alteration altering alternate alternative alternatives alunn alut always alz am am64 amap amarok amarokfs amavisd amaya amazing amazon amazons amb amd amd64 america amidi amiga amilo amo among amount amounts ampache amplify amr amrnb amrwb ams amsn amsn0 amsnformac amsnplus amsynth amule amyedit an anacron analog analogue analogy analyse analyser analyses analysis analytical analyze analyzer analyzes analyzing anathema ancestory ancient ancronym and andrew angband angelscript anglicko angry angrydd angus animate animated animation animations animators animorph anjuta anjuta2 annihilation annodex annotate annotating annotations annotator annoying ano anomalies anon anonymity anonymous anonymously another ans ansi answer answering ant antargis anthracite anthy anti antialiased antigrain antivirus antiword antlr anubis anvivirus any any2dvd anyevent anyfs anyremote anything ao aoe aoeui aol aols aotuv apache apache13 apache2 apc apcupsd ape apercu apg api api2 apis aplication apm apmd apollon apolos app apparix appconfig appdir appearance appfinder appkit apple apple2 applet appletalk applets appliance application applications applied applikation applixware apply applying approach approaches approp appropriate approx approximate apps apr apricots aproximate aps apserver apsw apt aptana aptoncd apwal aqbanking aqd aqsis aqua aquafont aqualooks aquamarine aquarium ar ar5008 arabeyes arabic aranym arbaro arbitrary arbitrarysizemachineword arc arcade arch arch64 archboot archfoster architechtures architecture architectures archival archive archived archivemount archiver archives archiving archlinux archliux archrescue archstats archtop archwd arcinfo arctic ardour ardourvst arduino are area areas arena arenas ares argouml argtable argument arguments argus argv argvfile argyllcms arhangai aria aria2 ariadne arithmetic arj ark arkadas arm arm7 armagetronad armed armenian armonic armulator army armyops arnie arno around arp arpack arpeggiator arphic arpip arpscan arpsnmp arptools arpwatch arrange array arrayhash arrays arrived arrow arrows ars arslib arsperl art article articles artificial artillery artist artists arts artwiz artwork as asc ascension ascgi ascii asciidoc asciijump asciiquarium asdata asdf asem asem51 asimpleclock asio ask askpass asleap asmon asn asn1 asomtavruli asp aspects aspell asr ass assaultcube assemble assembler assemblies assembling assembly assessments assesssment assign assignable assigning assimilate assist assistant assisting assistive associated association assogiate assorted assortment assuan assume assuming aster asterisk asteroid asteroids asteroids3d astk astng astromenace astronomical astyle asunder asus asymptote asynchoronous asynchronous asynchronously asyncronous at at76c503a ata atanks atari atari800 aterm atftp athcool athena atheros athlon athlon64 athlonxp ati atitvout atk atl1 atlantik atlas atlascpp atlast atm atmel atmosphere atom atomic atomicbomberman atomicparsley atomix atoms atool atop atris atsc attach attached attaching attachment attachwarner attack attacks attansic attemps attempt attempts attr attraction attractive attribute attributes attrs atunes aubio auctex auctions aud audacious audacity audio audiodisc audiofile audioscrobbler audiotag auditing aufs august aumix aur aurbuild aurora aurscripts aurtools aurup aurvote autarchy auth authbind authen authenticate authenticating authentication authenticator authentification authlib authnz authoring authorisation authoritative authorization authors auto autoaur autobench autocompletion autoconf autocutsel autodafe autodesk autodia autoformat autofs autogen automagically automake automanic automapper automata automate automated automates automatic automatically automating automation automotive automounter autopano autoplay autoplaylist autoposter autoproject autopsy autorouter autoscan autoscrolling autossh autostart autotext autotool autotools autotoolset autotrace autouse autowriter auxiliary av avahi availability available avanor avant avantgo avast avast4workstation avc avec average averhdtv avermedia avfs avg avg71flm avi avidemux avm avoid avoiding avr avra avrdude aware awb awesfx awib awk awstats axel axiom axis axon az azerbaijani azimuth azrael azureus b b5i b5i2iso babe babelfish babylon back backdrops backed backend backends backgound backgro background backgrounds backlight backpack backpackusb backstep backup backups backwards bacula bad baekmuk baghira bahasa bait bakefile bakery balance balanced balancer balancing balazarbrothers ball balloons balls balsa bambi band bandlimited bandwidth bandwith bangla banish bank banking banks banner bans banshee baobab bar barcode bargraph barrage barrel barriers bars bart base base64 base85 base91 based basedir baselibs bases bash bash32 bashburn bashish bashpodder basic basicimage basilisk basing basis basket basque bass batch batmand battery battle battles battleship battleships battlestar bavarian bay1controller bayesian bazaar bb bbconf bbdate bbkeys bbmail bbpager bbppp bbrun bbs bbsload bbtime bbtool bc bchunk bcm203x bcm43xx bcop bcpp bcprov bcron bctangokde bdb bdelta bdesktopclock bdf be beagle beaker beaneath beans beanutils beast beasties beat beautifier beautiful beautifying beaver bebob because become bedevilled beecrypt been beep beeping before begins behave behavior behaviour behind being bejewled bekijk belarusian bells bemused benchmark benchmarking benchmarks bengali ber berkeley berkeleydb bernstein berusky beryl best beta better betting between beyond bf bfcommander bfilter bfr bftpd bg bglibs bh bhv bi biabconverter bible bibletime bibliographic bibliographies bibliography bibtex bibtex2html bibus bicycle bicyclerepair bidirectional bidwatcher biew biff big bigger bigloo bignum bigreqsproto bigsmileys bike bill billiard billiards billreminder bills biloba bin bin2iso bin32 bin86 binaries binary binaural bincimap bind binding bindings binds binflash bingrep bink binkplayer binutils bio bio2jack bioapi biogrep bioinformatics biology biometric bioperl biopython bios biosequence bioware bip birthday birthdays bison bit bital bitbake bitchx bitdefender bitefusion bitlbee bitmap bitmapfont bitmapped bitmaps bitmeter bitpim bitrates bits bitstream bitterbpp bittornado bittorrent bittyrant bjfilter bkhive2 bksys black blackbox blackdown blacklisting bladeenc blam blame blas blassic bleak bleeding blend blended blender bless blind blindwrite blink blktool blob blobandconquer blobby blobby2 bloboats blobs blobwars block blocked blocker blocking blocklists blockout blockrage blocks blocky blog blogbridge blogging blogs blogtk blood blop blowers blowfish blowing blt blue bluecurve bluediving bluefish blueglass blueice bluekdm bluemote bluetooth bluez blurc blursk blutonium bmenu bmon bmp bmpx bn boa boarb board boardgame boat bobble bobobot bochs bodies body bofh bogofilter boinc bokm bokmal bolzplatz2006 bomb bomberclone bomberman bombing bond bonding bonnie bonobo boo book bookmal bookmar bookmarking bookmarks bookreader books boolean boolstuff boombox boost boot bootcd bootchart bootkey bootloader bootparamd bootup border borders born bos bosnian boson boswars bot both bothers bottlerocket boulderdash bouml bouncy boundaries bourne bowl box boxbackup boxes boxwhore boy bpkg bpm bpmcounter br br2684ctl braille braindead brainer brainfuck branch brand branded brasero bray brazil brazilian break breakage breaking breakout breakpoints breaks breathless breeder breeze breton breviary bricklink bricks brickstore bridge bridging bring bringing brings briquolo british brl brlcad brltty broadband broadcast broadcasting broadcom broadway brockhaus broken broker bros brother brothers browse browser browserplugins browsers browses browsing brscan2 brush brushedmetal brutalchess brute bruteforce bs bsc bsd bsddb bsdiff bse bsflite bsnes bsp bspatch bsvc bt btdownload btg btpd btsco bttrw bttv btuga bubble bubblemon bubbles bubbling bubbros bud buddy bufexplorer buffer buffering buffers buffertext buffy buftabs bug bugfix bugfixes buggy buginese bugle bugtracker bui build buildbot builder building buildit builds built builtin builtins bulgarian bulldozer bullet bullfrog bump bumprace bunch bundle bundled bungie bungmeter bunnies buoh burgerspace burgertime burn burner burners burning burns burro bus bush business bust but butterfly button buttons buzz bvi bwbar bwidget bwm bwshare bwstats by bygfoot bypass bytecode bytestrings byzanz bz2 bzflag bzip2 bzr bzrk bzrtools c c2html c6 ca cab cabal cabextract cabinet cable cablinux cacao cache cacher caches caching cacti cad cadaver cage cairo cairomm cal cal3d calc calcchecksum calcoo calculate calculates calculating calculations calculator calculators calculus calcurse calendar calendaring calibration call callable callback called caller callers callgrind calling calls calvin camaelon cambodia came camera cameras caml camorama campaign campgen camsource camstream can candido candy cannon canon canonical canonicalized canvas caolan capabilities capability capable capacity capernoited capi capi4hylafax capi4k capitalizing caps capslock capture captured captures capturing car card cardfs cardreaders cards cardsets carlo carnage carnegie carp cars cartes cartographic cartoon carver carving carworld cas cascading case cases casings cast cast3m castget castilian castille castle casual cat catalan catalog cataloging catalogs catalogue catalyst catan catcher catdoc categories categorization categorizing catfish caused cavern cbc cbr cbuilder cbz cc65 ccache ccal ccaudio cccp ccd ccd2iso ccfits ccgo ccid ccmalloc ccrtp ccrypt ccscript ccscript3 ccsm cd cdargs cdaudio cdbxx cdcat cdcd cdck cdcollect cdcover cdda cdda2wav cddb cddbd cddbp cdemu cdfs cdi cdi2iso cdialog cdio cdlabelgen cdma cdmp3 cdo cdogs cdp cdparanoia cdplay cdrdao cdrecord cdrkit cdrom cdrtools cds cdspeed cdt cdtext cdtool cdw ce cedega cedet ceemedia ceferino cefs cegui ceilings celementtree celestia cell cellophane cells cellular cellulose centauri center centericq centerim central centralion centralized centre centric centrino cer cerealizer certain certainly certificate certificates cesky cfd cffi cfitsio cflow cfs cfv cg cgcompiler cgi cgilib cgkit cgmail cgoban cgoban2 cgoban3 chain chained chaining chalkboard challenge challenging chameleon change changed changelog changer changes changing channel channels chanserv chao chaplin chapter chapters char character characters chardet charge charmap charset charsets chart charting charts chartsd charwidth chat chatwindow chdir cheapskate check checkboxes checker checkers checkgmail checking checkinstall checkout checkpassword checks checksum checksums cheese cheesetracker cheesy cheetah cheks chemdraw chemical chemistry chemtool cherokee cherrypy cherrytemplate chess chewing chex chextrek chgrep chgres chibitracker chicken child children childsplay chinese chip chips chipset chipsets chique chk4mail chkrootkit chm chmlib chmsee chntpw cho chocolate choice choose chooser chord chris chromium chronicles chronograph chrony chroot chrootuid chsfont cht chtheme chuck chucknorris chunks ci cia ciber1b1 cid cid2spf cidr ciel cillation cinelerra cinepaint cinvoke cipherblock circuit circuits circulartux circus circuslinux cirrus ciruit cisco cisco3000 city civilization cjc cjk cjlz35le ck ckraidsync cksfv cl clade clalsadrv clam clamav clamfilter clamsmtp clan clanlib clark class classes classic classical classics classification classifier classifier4j classpath claws clean cleaner cleanice cleaning cleanly cleans cleanup clearbox clearinghouse clearlooks clearlooks2 clearlooks2glo clearsilver cleartype clee clens clewn clex cli click clicking clien client clientform clients climate clipboard clipman clipper clipping clips clisp clive cln clobbering clock clone clonecd cloned clones clos close cloud clpbar clthreads cltotiny2 clucene clustal clustalw cluster clustering clusterit clusters clusterssh clutter clxclient cm3 cmake cmatrix cmd cmdftp cmml cms cmt cmu cmucl cmus cmvs cmyk cn coaches cobol cobras coccinella coco cocoon code code2html codeblocks codec codecs coded codehappy codeine coder codes codeset codetext coding coelho cog cogito cognitive coherent cohoba coin coin3d colaborative coldfire collaborative collect collectd collected collecting collection collections collective collector collects collins collision colonization color colordiff colored colorer colorful colorgcc colorimeter coloring colorize colorizer colornames colors colorsamplerpack colorscheme colorschemes colortail colour colouriser colours colubrid columbia columnadd columns com comandline comands combat combinations combine combines combining comes comfortable comfortably comgt comic comical comics comix command commander commandline commands commandsplus commaseparated comment commenter comments commercial commercials commit commits commmand commodity commodore common commoncpp2 commonly commons communicate communicating communication communications community compact compal companion comparator compare compares comparison compartment compat compatability compatable compatibility compatible compensation compete competitive compface compfused compilation compile compiled compiler compilers compiles compiling compiz compizconfig compizutil compl complement complements complete completely completion completions complex complexes complexity compliant complient complies component components compose composed composer composing composite compositeproto compositing composition compositor compound comprehension comprehensive compress compressed compression compressor compresszlib computation computational computations computer computering computers computertemp computes computing concentrator concentrators concept concepts conch concole concurrency concurrent condition conditional conditions conduit conduits cone conexant conf confer conference conferencing config configobj configs configu configurable configuration configurations configurator configure configured configures configuring conflation conformant conformed conforms confuse conglomerate conjugations conjunction conky connect connected connecting connection connections connectivity connector connects connmon conntrack conquer cons consensus conserving consider consist consistency consistent consisting consists console constant constants constraint construct constructing construction constructive constructor constructs construo consumer consuming consumption contact contacts contain contained container containing contains contens content contents context contextual continously continuation continuations continues continuous contr contributed control controllable controller controllers controlling controls contruction convenience convenient conveniently conventions conversations conversion conversions convert converted converter converters convertfs converting convertor converts convex convmv conway cook cookie cookies cool cooledit coolness coop coordinate cope copies copperhead copy copying corba cordless core corelist coresponding coreutils corewars corkscrew corner cornet corpora correct correction correctly correctness corrector corrects correlation corresponding corrupted coruscating could count countdown counter counters counting countries country countryside counts courier course cover coverage coveramazon covered covering covers cowbell cows cowsay cp cpan cpanplus cphash cpio cplay cpma cpp cppunit cps cpu cpudyn cpufreq cpufreqd cpufrequtils cpugraph cpulimit cpus cpuspeedy cputnik cr crack cracker cracklib crafting crafty cram crash crashing crashtest crawl crawler crazyhouse crc crc32 cream creapkg creatation create created creates createtorrent creating creation creative creator creatures credentials credits creox crimson crisscross critical critiera critter crl crm114 croatian cromfs cron cronolog crontab cropping cross crossfade crossfading crossplatform crossvc crowd crpytographic crt1 crusty crypt cryptdesidea crypter crypto cryptoapi cryptographic cryptography cryptsetup crystal crystalclear crystaldiamond crystalgimp crystalgl crystallography crystalproject crystalspace crystaltheme cs cscope csg csindex csmash csound csound5 csps css css2 cssed cstools cstr cstream csup csv csync2 ct ctags ctapi ctemplate ctf ctl ctorrent ctypes cube cubic cue cuegen cueinfo cuesheet cuetools culmus cultivation cumbersome cuneiform cup cups cupsd cupsddk curl curlftpfs curlpp currency current currently curses cursesui cursor cursors curve custom customisable customizable customization customize customized customizepkg customizing customs cut cute cutecom cutleaves cutmp3 cuts cutter cutting cv cvs cvs2svn cvsfs cvsgraph cvsps cvsup cwiid cx cxxtest cy cyberjack cycle cycling cyclone cylonminimal cylons cyphesis cypriot cyr cyrillic cyrus cytadela cz czech d d3lphin d4x da daa daafm daap daapd dadadodo daemon daemons daemontools dagii daily dailymotion dailystrips daimonin dale damage damaged damageproto damase damnit damnit2 dan dance dangerdeep dangerous danish dansguardian dante dao dap daphne dapper dar dar22 darch darcs dark darkhttpd darkice darkplaces darkskyblue darksnow darkstat darwinia dash dasher data database databases dataflow datagrams datasets datasniffer datatools date datemath dates datetime datetimeoriginal datetimes dateutil dav dave davfs2 david davtools day dazuko db db4 dbas dbase dbct dbd dbdesigner dbf dbh dbhub dbi dblatex dbmail dbms dbox2 dboxfe dboxfe2 dbp dbus dbusviewer dbx dc dcc dccm dcd dcfl dcfldd dchroot dclib dclibc dcop dcraw dcron dcsharp dctc dd ddc ddccontrol ddclient ddcxinfo ddd ddos ddr ddrescue de dead deadly dealing deamon death deathmatch deb deb2targz debian debootstrap debug debugger debuggers debugging decaying decent decentralized decgen decibel decimal declaration declarative declare declick decode decoded decoder decoders decoding decompress decompressing decompression decompressor decor decoration decorations decorator decorators decoratortools decors decrypting decryption decryptor dedicated deep deepmagic default defaultflags defaultplugin defaults defcon define defined defines defining definition definitions deflate defrag defragmenter defx dehiss dejagnu dejavu dekorator del delay delayed delegate delete deleted deleting delimiter delitracker delivery dell dellfand delphi delta deluge delusions deluxe demanding demo democracy demolition demonstration demoplayer demos demultiplexing demux demuxed denemo denial denoising density deny denyhosts depend dependencies dependency dependent depends deployer deploying deployment deposition depth der dereference derivative derived dermixd desc descendant descent described describes describing description descriptions descriptive descriptor deseret design designed designer designs deskbar deskjet desklaser desklet desklets desklist deskmenu desktop desktop2app desktopclick desktopentry desktopintegration desktops desmume destick destination destkop destroy destroyed destroying destruction detailed details detect detecting detection detector detects determine detox deutex dev dev86 devede devel develop developed developement developer developers developing development developmental developped devfs devhelp deviantart deviation device devices devil devilishly devilspie devloppment devoted devtodo devtool devtools df dfb dfbterm dfm dft dgamelaunch dgen dgps dgpsip dguitar dh dhcdbd dhclient dhcp dhcpcd dhcpd dhcpdump di dia diacanvas diagnosis diagnositic diagnostic diagram diagramming diagrams diakonos dial dialect dialer dialog dialogs dialup diamond diamonds diary diaz dice dicom dict dictation dictconv dictd diction dictionaries dictionary dicts did didiwiki die diehard dielectric dietlibc diff diffconvert difference differences different differential differs difficult diffie diffs diffstat diffutils dig digest digester digests digger digicams digikam digikamimageplugins digital digitaledge dijjer dilbert dillo dillon dimension dimensional dimensions dimsum ding diphone dir dirac direct directfb direction directly directmedia directories directory directx directx9 dirmngr dirname dirs dirsync dirwalk disable disassembler disassembling disc discid discids discjuggler discover discovery discrete discretize discs discus discworld diseases disk diskfree diskmonitor diskperf disks disksearch dispatcher dispatching dispensing dispersion display displayer displaying displays disposable dist distance distcc distorm distortion distrbution distribute distributed distributes distribution distutils diva divfixpp divifund divmod divx divx4linux dj django djbdns djing djplay djview4 djvu djvulibre dkfilter dkim dkms dkop dku2 dl dlan dll dlls dlume dmalloc dmapi dmcradio dmd dmenu dmerge dmidecode dmitry dmraid dmxproto dmz dnetc dnrd dns dnsbl dnsmap dnsmasq dnspython dnssd dnstracer dnsutils do doc docapp docbook docbook2x dock dockable dockap dockapp dockapplet dockapplets dockapps dockbar dockboard docker docking docklet docklets docs docstrings doctools doctype document documentation documents docutils dod dodge does doesn dog dogs dogtail doing doityourself doku dokuwiki dolda doldaconnect dolphin dom domain domainkeys domains domfilter domino don done donkey donwload doom doom1 doom2 doom3 doomrl doomsday door doorman doors dopewars dopi dos dos2unix dosage dosbox dosemu dosfstools dotgnu dotnet dotnet2 dotpac dots double douglas dovecot down download downloader downloading downloads doxygen doxygenfilter doxygentoolkit dpencoder dpkg dpkt dproxy dr dr17 drae drafts drag dragbox dragon dragonhunt draw drawer drawing drbd dream dreamweaver drgeo dri driconf drift driftnet drill drive drivel driven driver drivers drives driving drm drod drop dropbear drpython drqueue drscheme drug druid drum drupal ds dsa dsniff dsp dspam dspic dsps dsrpdb dssi dsssl dstat dsv dtach dtd dtmf dtmfdial dtp dts du dual dubya duden duff duhdraw duke dumb dummy dump dumper dumpfs dumping dune dune2 dunelegacy dungeon duo dupemusicmatch duplicate duplicates duplicity dupseek duration during duron dustimo dutch dv dv1394 dvanced dvb dvb3 dvbcut dvbshout dvbsnoop dvbstream dvd dvd5 dvd9 dvd95 dvd9to5 dvdauthor dvdauthorwizard dvdbackup dvdisaster dvdmenu dvdnav dvdread dvdrip dvdrtools dvds dvdspanky dvdstyler dvdwizard dvgrab dvi dvisvg dvorak dvorak7min dvtitler dwarf dwarves dwdiff dwm dx7 dx9wine dxpc dxr3 dylan dyn dynamic dynamically dynamicly dynamics dynamips dynamite dyndyn dzen dzen2 e e1 e16 e16keyedit e17 e2fsprogs e3 eaccelerator each eagle early ears earth earth3d earthviewer ease eases easier easiest easily easy easychem easyedit easysock easytag easytouse eat eaten eawpatches eazel ebay eboard ec ecamegapedal ecasound ecb echat echelon echo echoing eciadsl ecj ecl eclair eclim eclipse eclipsefp ecology economy ecore ecp ecryptfs ed ed2k edb edf edge edit editing edition editobj editor editors editr edje edonkey edonkey2000 eds education educational edumips64 edyuk ee eel eeprom eet efax effect effector effectors effects effectv effets efficiency efficient efficiently effort efi efibootmgr eficas efironment efivars efl efltk efreet eg egenix eggdrop eggtrayicon eggtraymanager egypt ei eiciel eigen eigenmode eigenvalue einstein eio either ejabberd eject ejecting ejourn ekg ekg2 ekiga ekisho el elasto electrical electricsheep electromagnetic electromagnetics electronic elegant elektra element elemental elementary elements elementtable elementtree elephants elf elfio elicit elinks elisa elitaire elite eliza elk ellpc11k elmer elmergrid elmerpost elog elographics els elvis em em8300 emacs email embed embeddable embedded embedding embeded embeds emboss embryo emelfm emelfm2 emerald emerging emesene emf emilia emission emoction emotes emoticons emotion emovix empanadas empathy emphasis emphasizing employed empowe empower empy emr emu10k1 emudx emul32 emulate emulates emulation emulator emulators emule en enable enabled enables enabling enblend enca encapsulated encapsulates encapsulation encfs enchanced enchant enclosure encode encode2mpeg encoded encoder encodes encoding encodings encounters encrypt encrypted encrypting encryption encryptor encrypts end endeavour endecode endings endlos ends enemies enemy enet engage engine engineer engineering engines english engrave engraving enhance enhanced enhancement enhancements enhances enhancing enigma enity enlightened enlightenment enlightenment17 enm enotes enscript ensemblist ensmer ensure entagged enter enterminus enterprise entertaining entertainment entice entire entirely entities entrance entries entropy entry envi enviroment enviroments environment environments eo eog eol ep1 epdfview epeg epg ephemeris ephoto epi epiar epic epic4 epiphany epiphone episode episodes epl eplugin epos epplet eps epsilon epson epsoneplijs epsxe epydoc eq eqe eqonomize eqtn equaliser equalize equalizer equate equation equations equivalent equivalents erasure erc eric eric3 eric4 ericsson erik erlang erm erp error errorhandler errors eruby es esa escapes esd esdl esekeyd esetroot esmart esmtp esniper esp espeak especially esperanto espresso esri essays essential establich establish established estickies estimator estonia estonian estuary esvn et etc etcnet etcnetconf eterm eternal eternallands etexts etherape ethernet etherpeg etherwake ethiopic ethstatus ethtool etk etktab etl etoile etpro etree etswitch ettercap etvis eu euclid eukleides euler european europecv eva eval evaluating evaluation evan evas evasion evasive evcd evdev even event eventlog events eventually ever everaldo every everyday everygui everything everywhere evfs evie evieext evilbar evilwm evince evms evolution evolution2 evolutionary evolutive evolving ewf ewl ewmh ex exact exaile exalted examine examining example examples excalibur excel excellent exception exceptionbased excercise excessive excessiveplus exchange exchangeable excited exciting excluding excursion excuses exec execflow execinput executable executables execute executed executes executing execution exef exhibit exif exiftags exiftool exiftran exim exist existing exists exit exits exiv2 exmap exml exo exotic expand expanded expands expansion expat expect expectation expectk expedite experience experimental expert expire explicit explode exploit exploration explorer exploring explosions explosive exponentially export exporting exports expose exposed exposures expr express expression expressions expresskeys exr exscalibar ext ext2 ext3 extattr extend extendable extended extending extends extensible extension extensions extensive extention extentions external externaly extprefs extra extrackt extract extracted extracting extraction extractor extracts extras extrema extremely extutils exult eyangband eye eyecandy eyed3 eyeos eyes eyetoy ez ezbounce ezquake f f1 f2c f2py f4l fa faac faad faad2 face facets facile faciliate facilitate facilities facility facto factor factory facts fadding fade fader fahmon fail2ban failed fair fairly fake fakechroot fakeidentd fakenes faker fakeroot fakingit fala falcon falldown fallen falling falls fam famd famicom familiar families family familyguy famous fampp2 fan fancontrol fancy fann fantasdic fantastic fantasy farm faroese farsi farsight fasm fast fasta fastcgi faster fastest fastfood fastjar fasttrack fasttracker2 fastweb fat fat16 fat32 fatal fatsort fault faults fav favorite favourite favourites fax fax4cups faxes faxing faxmodem fbdesk fbdev fbdump fbgetty fbgrab fbgs fbi fbida fblur fbnews fbpager fbpanel fbreader fbres fbset fbsetbg fbsplash fbtruetype fbv fbxkb fce fceu fcgi fcgid fchksum fcitx fcpci 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