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Answer: How do I reference methods?

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Q&A > object-oriented programming > How do I reference methods? contributed by mirod

You can use closures:

#!/bin/perl -w use strict; # just a simple package package obj; sub new { return bless {content => $_[0]}; } sub print { my $self= shift; print ref($self), ": ", $self->{content}, " - ", @_, "\n"; } # now the main stuff package main; my $p; # that's your method reference { my $o= obj::new( "toto"); # the normal way: create $o->print( "tata"); # print $p=sub { $o->print(@_); }; # create the closure (an anon sub) $p->( "titi"); # use it to print $o= obj::new "foo"; # change the object $p->("tutu"); # print using the new object } my $o= obj::new "bar"; # the $o used with the closure is not # in scope any more $p->("tutu"); # but $p still uses it

This returns:

obj: toto - tata obj: toto - titi obj: foo - tutu obj: foo - tutu

Note that as far as convenience goes calling $o->print or $p->print is pretty similar ;--)

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