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by goibhniu (Hermit)
on Aug 13, 2007 at 22:35 UTC ( #632330=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

WoooHooo! I get a picture. This is a picture I've used many times just becasue I like it. It's one of the FUJAIRAH PETROGLYPHS (United Arabe Emirates) and it's just cool to me, though maybe here I oughtta use this one, since it's a dromadary.

I'm currently learning from: Ikegami's Mini Tutorials

Past readings:

My first hard lesson as a monk: #!/usr/bin/perl -w is not the same as use warnings;. Thanks to BrowserUK in an embarrassing post by me.

My next lesson - RTF-FAQ. I actually asked:

goibhniu 2007-08-17 13:33:04 UTC I just made Novice, but can' tfind the voting buttons. Where should I look?
in the chatterbox without looking in the FAQ for I just became a Novice; Why can't I vote yet?

My first JAPH:

@ca=(sub{@kp=split(//,shift);$c=shift;$p2{' '}=' ';$C2{' '}=' ';foreac +h(@kp, 'a'..'z'){if(!exists $p2{$_}){$k=chr(ord('A')+(($a++)+$c)%26);$p2{$_}= +$k; $C2{$k}=$_;}}},sub{$t=shift;$h=shift;foreach(split(//,$t)){$r=$r.($$h{ +$_});} return $r;});$ca[0]->('thequickbrownfoxjumpsoverthelazydogs',10);print + $ca[1]->('ZOCK FWUKLMT BMTE LFQR',\%C2)."\n";

I first picked Goibhniu as a pseudonym when joining the American Cryptogram Association. These puzzles inspired and continue to inspire Perl programs that I use as tools and aids. Perl could probably just solve them, but what's the fun in that? I continue to have fun striking that delicate balance between writing more powerful tools and still leaving enough puzzle for me to have fun working on with my own brain.

Goibhniu was the Smith to the Tuath De Danann in Irish mythology. I have a Scotch/Irish heritage and my family name is Scottish, Gowing, and related to the word Smith, Gobha, so when I learned of Goibhniu, I felt I was his kin. Sadly it's difficult to establish a tartan for a Gowing these days as nearly every clan had a Smith. Today I do bit-smithing for some Corporation (the modern Clan?) and have no tartan of my own.

In addition, Goibhniu brewed the mead that gave the Tuath De Danann immortality. Family name, metaphorically similar profession, and he drinks - what's not to like?

Wikipedia article on Goibniu

I can't believe I did this.

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[perldigious]: but... but... perldigious is the unvirtuous kind of lazy in this case. :-)
[perldigious]: Just kidding. Thanks 1nickt, I'll go ahead and do it the right way. An extra set of brackets and a little extra indentation isn't too much to ask.
[karlgoethebier]: perldigious: perhaps a block if you are paranoid ;-)
[choroba]: but undef %hash and %hash = () both work, too, but the first one keeps the memory allocated, while the latter makes it available for other parts of the program.
[choroba]: iirc
[perldigious]: karlgoethebier: Well it is a pretty old and complicated (for me) bit of code I wrote (poorly by my current standards), so I'm expecting everything to break when I add the scoping and find out what else is undesireably scope changed. :-)
[perldigious]: Ah, thanks choroba, that sort of thing was precisely what I was wondering when I asked.

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