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Re: poll ideas quest 2007

by moritz (Cardinal)
on Aug 29, 2007 at 09:53 UTC ( #635758=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to poll ideas quest 2007

Perl 7 will...

  • never exist
  • be a libjustdoit wrapper
  • read my mind and do all the programming for me
  • be gods rewrite of Perl
  • compile LOLCODE

I know this is even sillier than usual, I welcome ideas for more options

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Re^2: poll ideas quest 2007
by blazar (Canon) on Aug 29, 2007 at 13:53 UTC
Re^2: poll ideas quest 2007
by cdarke (Prior) on Jan 20, 2008 at 14:54 UTC
    ...probably be out before Perl 6
Re^2: poll ideas quest 2007
by gam3 (Curate) on Jan 21, 2008 at 14:01 UTC
    • Be a port of perl 5.496 to run on the new PQC (Personal Quantum Computer).
    -- gam3
    A picture is worth a thousand words, but takes 200K.
Re^2: poll ideas quest 2007
by hexcoder (Chaplain) on Aug 18, 2008 at 17:20 UTC
    • will be the intergalactic community rewite.
Re^2: poll ideas quest 2007
by ysth (Canon) on Dec 12, 2008 at 09:01 UTC

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