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764247 JETTERO tries to take over Net::IMAP::Simple on PAUSE 2009-05-15 11:31
602051 Re: Make a variable safe for a regex. 2007-02-25 21:56
595771 The State of Parallel Computing in perl 2007? 2007-01-21 15:20
602005 Concerning Single Sign-on, Bitcard (TypeKey), and OpenID 2007-02-25 15:21
589279 Identity Based Encryption using Pairings and Crypt::PBC 2006-12-12 14:11
778395 Re: What is it I don't understand about perl scoping? 2009-07-08 20:06
340381 CPAN Favorites 2004-03-28 12:58
602607 Re: Parsing a specific section of a log file 2007-02-28 21:49
600642 Application Distribution (modules, cpan, etc) 2007-02-17 22:18
342027 CPAN non-root questions 2004-04-02 16:41
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[Corion]: Yay. Traditional finance situation averted. Bonds can be quoted in amounts (1_000_000 EUR) or per unit (1 unit). And a traditional error is to trade 2_000_000 piece when you meant to trade 2_000_000 EUR.
[Corion]: (one of my scripts simply catches high amounts and I phone people making that trade, ideally before the payment is due)
[Corion]: The sad thing is that my script sits at the end of the pipeline and can only look at the payments due today or tomorrow basically, while there are many more systems further up in the pipeline
[GotToBTru]: better late than never, I guess
[Corion]: GotToBTru: Sure - there is a long and sad story of many frantic cleanups that led us to implement this notification ;)

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