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These nodes all have stuff by DBAugie (showing 1-16 out of ~16?):

Node ID Writeup Created
680077 Re: DBI "drop table" 2008-04-13 13:09
679570 Re^2: Developing CGI::Application based modules outside of the default @INC 2008-04-10 20:46
677263 Re: What's a good alternative to browser-webapp-webserver for remote apps? 2008-03-29 22:52
677239 Re: Fastest way to copy a file from 1 direcotry to another directory 2008-03-29 17:49
675889 Re: sugession for the filecreating 2008-03-24 11:58
675888 Wait! Wait! 2008-03-24 11:52
675887 Re: extract the Column names of a table 2008-03-24 11:40
675765 Re^2: Programming is combat 2008-03-23 12:58
674927 Re: Counting number of rows while working with Oracle 2008-03-19 03:06
674901 Re^2: Newest Nodes Flag is not set? 2008-03-19 00:11
674865 Newest Nodes Flag is not set? 2008-03-18 19:44
674627 Re^2: Schwartzian Transform 2008-03-17 18:48
674586 Re: An interesting rebuttal of "agile" 2008-03-17 15:26
673893 Re^4: Highlighting the Q&A 2008-03-13 03:30
672157 Re^3: My Perl code can be understood by... 2008-03-05 12:46
669005 Re: Cookie login (pseudocode) 2008-02-20 12:49
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