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Node ID Writeup Created
47485 Octal Weirdness 2000-12-20 01:59
46428 Re: Re: Re: I prefer what's behind 2000-12-13 19:42
46426 Re: Re: Win32 sockets and disconnects 2000-12-13 19:38
46409 Re: Re: Win32 sockets and disconnects 2000-12-13 18:30
46331 Win32 sockets and disconnects 2000-12-13 01:33
46088 Re: Re: Re: (redmist) Re: New level - Demigod 2000-12-11 20:21
45324 Re: What quality is your company's code? 2000-12-07 01:12
44822 is the socket done or not? 2000-12-04 21:43
44198 Re: RE: Exit the Dragon 2000-11-30 23:21
44191 Re: Parallels Between Perlmonks.ORG and Religious Cults (Retirement Announcement) 2000-11-30 23:07
42752 Re: Re: Win32::GUI Bitmaps on buttons? 2000-11-21 22:56
42700 Win32::GUI Bitmaps on buttons? 2000-11-21 19:22
42282 SIGINT help 2000-11-18 01:00
41443 Re: Pretty technical DBI question 2000-11-14 01:40
41440 Re: How do I execute as root? 2000-11-14 01:35
41007 RE: RE: my and local differences 2000-11-10 23:33
41004 RE: (Ovid) Re: my and local differences 2000-11-10 23:29
40993 my and local differences 2000-11-10 23:00
40750 Re: Kiddie Codes 2000-11-09 21:19
40747 Kiddie Codes 2000-11-09 21:15
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[Corion]: Meh. I need to find myself a better "programming" feed than r/programming (which is just HackerNews reposts and advertisements, very little code). Maybe I should select a list of links that I liked on r/programming and then google for ...
[Corion]: ... an aggregator site that also listed (ideally) all of these links once. And maybe also have an exclude list to blacklist some of the most spammy links that the site may have never mentioned at all
[marto]: I gave up reading HN at all, and feel much better for it :P
[Corion]: Now, how to best automate that Google search ... :-)
[Corion]: marto: Yeah, I'm also short of not reading it at all. I already stopped reading it in the morning because it gave me a foul mood.
[Corion]: The good posts on HN are the non-computing posts. Most of the other stuff is maybe relevant to you if you are 20 and live in Silicon Valley...
[Corion]: Two attributes that don't describe me.
[Corion]: Maybe I should also write a curator for HN or simply not read it anymore, like you do.

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