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Node ID Writeup Created
396159 Re: Biometrics with perl 2004-10-04 09:11
395282 Re: OT Windows Installers 2004-09-30 09:38
395280 Re^2: OT Windows Installers 2004-09-30 09:30
391458 Re^2: Curses, Win32 and Perl 5.8 2004-09-16 14:21
391414 Show reply count in "Nodes you wrote"? 2004-09-16 11:39
391402 Curses, Win32 and Perl 5.8 2004-09-16 10:14
389310 Re^3: Software design -- The confussion of buzzwords 2004-09-08 11:11
388965 Haiku 2004-09-07 08:31
385033 Re^4: I sense there is a simpler way... 2004-08-23 09:43
384503 Re^2: I sense there is a simpler way... 2004-08-20 00:24
384346 I sense there is a simpler way... 2004-08-19 16:05
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[LanX]: I remeber M::S (it was dialog driven?) to be buggy
[stevieb]: As far as Dist::Zilla goes, I don't like installing that other than on systems my test platorm runs on. I find it too heavy. I prefer being able to glean a Makefile.PL
[LanX]: what's frustrating me is that a distribution has lots of dupplicated info
[stevieb]: LanX I don't know if it's dialog driven; I just use it in the simplest of terms (just run module-starter at the CLI, and the very last couple of lines are how I use it.
[stevieb]: which dist are you speaking of regarding dups, LanX?
[LanX]: readme version number and so on ...
[stevieb]: with M::S, you can also add other tags, but defaults work... such as --license=perl --eumm
[LanX]: I'm not a big fan of pure make, apparently the auto generated ones are so complicated to be able to work with all possible makes
[stevieb]: I find the M::S makefiles it generates are quite straight forward, and I usually have to add a few things (github info etc). They're about 15 lines or so give or take.
[Corion]: I don't think the EUMM-generated Makefile is that complicated ;)

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