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Node ID Writeup Created
272616 Re: Who am I? Who are you? Who are us? 2003-07-09 08:40
272615 Re: Re2 (ConTEXT): Text Editors 2003-07-09 08:33
272611 Re: Re: Re: Refreshing the Current Node 2003-07-09 08:18
272065 Re: Refreshing the Current Node 2003-07-07 18:37
270247 Re: Re: How do you avoid "Code Burnout"? 2003-06-30 17:57
261485 Re: Re^2: (OT) The Honest Cherry Bomb 2003-05-29 03:18
261437 Re: (OT) The Honest Cherry Bomb 2003-05-28 23:29
259941 Re: Perl for monitoring windows servers 2003-05-21 23:29
167445 Re: Re: Re: Socket dilemma - sending EOF 2002-05-18 00:21
167103 Re: Re: Formal code review specifications and reporting format 2002-05-16 20:24
167053 Re: Socket dilemma - sending EOF 2002-05-16 17:03
166911 Formal code review specifications and reporting format 2002-05-16 03:26
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[Discipulus]: chorobayour words are reasonable
[choroba]: I'm just repeating some else's words as I remembered them after having asked the same question
[choroba]: s/some/someone/
Discipulus what a pity all people do not speak only in eatalian..
[choroba]: we'd need video calls more often :)
[Discipulus]: i still suspect english has some logical 'curvature/ crookedness' that has and will have a big impact over programming
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