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Node ID Writeup Created
363554 Re: join on 6 huge files 2004-06-12 03:49
363247 Re^2: The sportiest activity that I do regularly is best categorized as... (ambrus++) 2004-06-10 23:01
363244 Re: The sportiest activity that I do regularly is best categorized as... 2004-06-10 22:57
363241 Re: Recommended Computer Based Training Software? 2004-06-10 22:43
318543 Re: Top goal for 2004 2004-01-03 21:22
156749 Re: calculate time(days) 2002-04-04 20:05
155920 Re: Re: Perlmonks - last site standing?? 2002-04-02 04:32
155917 Re: Perlmonks - last site standing?? 2002-04-02 04:01
155916 Re: Creating a Windows GUI...? 2002-04-02 03:43
155912 Re: Lotus Approach 2002-04-02 03:26
155662 Re: My primary PC CPU is a 2002-03-31 21:34
104015 Re: Database of choice 2001-08-10 23:33
101569 Re: Seeking advice about learning another's code 2001-08-02 07:43
91180 Re: I dont need your politics any more. (discussion) 2001-06-25 07:40
82375 Re: Perl Access Database 2001-05-23 00:10
79165 Re: help help!! simple bug 2001-05-09 21:04
78568 Re: No experience required... 2001-05-07 21:09
77471 ODBC vs DBI 2001-05-02 23:25
76736 Re: What are the steps to put the form data into MS Access using Perl CGI? 2001-05-01 00:20
71203 Re: MS Outlook & Win32::OLE 2001-04-10 03:20
71169 MS Outlook & Win32::OLE 2001-04-10 01:29
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[choroba]: Unfortunately, none of it is online
[haukex]: I figured that POD tests make sense, but only as author tests
[choroba]: I mean, the slides are, but not the makefile with scripts to create them
[Corion]: haukex: I've only now arrived at that revelation ;)
[Corion]: choroba: I use spod5, which also has that support, and also implements its own kinda-make stuff
[haukex]: But that module I just linked to assumes that most verbatim blocks are runnable code, I have other modules where that's not the case, so there I just copy-and-paste the synopsis into the author tests...
[haukex]: not the most efficient, but then again, I don't have that many modules on CPAN :-)
[Corion]: haukex: Yes, but if it's only supposed to run on my machine, I can be far more liberal with how I extract the code etc.
[Corion]: haukex: Yes - I see the benefit of using Dist::Zilla for people with 150+ modules on CPAN, but I don't see it for myself, and I'm always put off from contributing to such modules because they require a lot of toolchain setup that I don't want to ...
[Corion]: ... spend time on if I only want to provide a short patch

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