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These nodes all have stuff by Sartak (showing 1-24 out of ~24?):

Node ID Writeup Created
761023 Re^6: Modern Perl Programming Highs and Lows 2009-04-30 02:49
761019 Re^6: Modern Perl Programming Highs and Lows 2009-04-30 01:49
757314 Re^3: looking for a OR-mapper for Moose 2009-04-14 01:14
757288 Re: looking for a OR-mapper for Moose 2009-04-13 21:48
757287 Re^2: looking for a OR-mapper for Moose 2009-04-13 21:40
754601 Re^2: Moose or Mouse for production use 2009-04-01 02:47
734954 Re^5: RFC: Array::GroupBy (Moose) 2009-01-08 17:27
731693 Re: Sometimes I'd Rather Punch Myself in the Head 2008-12-19 23:32
646137 Re^2: Recognizing duplicates 2007-10-20 05:42
630933 Re^2: Overriding caller everywhere (BEGIN) 2007-08-07 00:45
630760 Overriding caller everywhere 2007-08-06 04:19
621122 Re: DBM as IPC - Any way to make this work? 2007-06-13 23:55
591972 Re^2: ' or no? 2006-12-28 03:40
589992 Re^8: On being 'critical' 2006-12-15 08:30
589985 Re^6: On being 'critical' 2006-12-15 07:22
589910 Re: On being 'critical' 2006-12-14 20:14
588749 Re: Negating Regexes: Tips, Tools, And Tricks Of The Trade 2006-12-09 02:08
578182 Re^5: At which line number did the print statement occure? 2006-10-13 17:32
567617 Re: Adding '#' in the beginning of each line 2006-08-16 07:19
567291 Re^2: Matching a long list of phrases 2006-08-14 17:40
567281 Re: Matching a long list of phrases 2006-08-14 16:55
563861 Re^4: (Golf) Anagram Finder 2006-07-26 18:38
554594 Re: Benchmarking Your Code 2006-06-10 06:43
547581 Re^2: Pig Latin 2006-05-05 03:42
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