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These nodes all have stuff by Spudnuts (showing 1-23 out of ~23?):

Node ID Writeup Created
771449 Re: SSL/TCP Sockets 2009-06-14 18:03
213764 Re: trivial wrapping 2002-11-18 15:08
213012 iPlanet6 and IPC::Open2 2002-11-14 20:42
190708 Re: Best OOP strategy? 2002-08-16 17:25
182828 Re: Re: Re: Learning Exercise 2002-07-18 14:42
163326 Re: Number of Print Pages 2002-05-01 18:20
152610 Re: Problems with passwords 2002-03-18 23:49
149147 Re: inserting few lines after matching a string? 2002-03-04 16:06
143753 Re: Allowing the over riding of a program's design 2002-02-06 23:59
143746 Re: Seeking the 2002-02-06 23:39
140991 Re: Verifying Javascript is enabled 2002-01-23 23:28
138961 Re: MAC hardware Burnt-in address 2002-01-15 21:18
136996 Re: Replacing line returns with br 2002-01-08 03:34
131073 Re: What eats up less resources? 2001-12-12 02:12
131036 Re: Grab all IE bookmarks on a windows machine. 2001-12-12 00:25
129457 Re: Time Question 2001-12-05 01:57
126375 Re: CGI post truncating string? 2001-11-20 00:26
116113 Re: Timing Your Program 2001-10-02 17:33
88947 Re: suggestions for web pop email system 2001-06-16 01:29
88163 Re: Perl Performance Question 2001-06-13 23:06
87505 Re: Basic Database? 2001-06-11 18:33
85817 Re: Using += in array context 2001-06-05 18:18
82389 Re: Re: Perl Access Database 2001-05-23 00:55
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[Perl300]: ok, and for future if I want to use local box for something similar, then will Email::Sender:: Simple be a good choice?
[1nickt]: It's a framework that allows you to specify the Transport agent to whatever you want. You could even write your own.
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[hippo]: In that case, use Net::SMTPS and also encrypt your content before you send it eg. with Crypt::GPG

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