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162564 Re: Re: Yoda Speak Translator 2002-04-27 21:42
161394 Re: More sexeger 2002-04-23 18:54
161329 Re: joining lines 2002-04-23 14:56
161314 Re: More sexeger 2002-04-23 14:21
161313 More sexeger 2002-04-23 14:15
160262 Re: Griping about Typing 2002-04-18 16:48
160098 Re: The One True Style of indentation: 2002-04-18 03:01
160081 Re: Regex Fridge Code 2002-04-18 02:00
160060 Re: Re: Regex Fridge Code 2002-04-18 00:37
159747 Regex Fridge Code 2002-04-17 08:23
155417 Re: Re: Status of English modules... 2002-03-30 08:25
155412 Re: construct a standard object oriented program 2002-03-30 07:50
155406 Status of English modules... 2002-03-30 07:30
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[marioroy]: IPC in MCE::Shared can handle 400k (sends) per second. That's seems a lot for being a pure-Perl module. After making the release, will come back and post a solution for a node by a fellow wanting faster logging.
[Corion]: While working on WWW::Mechanize:: Chrome, I had the suspicion that AnyEvent was doing something wrong, but I was able to swap it out for Mojolicious and the error persisted.
[Corion]: Of course, the error was in my own code ;)
[marioroy]: Corion, start and start_child in MCE::Hobo::Manager return a MCE::Hobo object, whereas P::FM returns the PID. I can have it return the PID though. I tried Hobo::Manager with several P::FM modules, just changed P::FM to MCE::Hobo::Manager and it works.
[marioroy]: I also have a Hobo driver for Forklift allowing folks to use in multiple classes, no conflicts with one another. That's not possible for P::FM.
[Discipulus]: congrats marioroy!
[marioroy]: CORE::wait works well eventhough multiple instances or classes using Hobo::Manager.
[Corion]: marioroy: I'm not sure what the normal use for the PID is in P:FM, but I guess that most programs just ignore or log it
[Corion]: Oh, yes, programs could call wait $pid, but if your $pid is an object, then you could add a ->wait method to it and wait $pid would call that automatically "thanks" to indirect object notation
[marioroy]: Just documentation edits is all that remains. Hobo::Simple provides foreach and forseq with identifier capability -- all transparently supporting array, hash, file handle, and seq 1 .. N.

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