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579240 Re^2: If I was forced to program in another language, the Perl language feature I would miss most would be: 2006-10-18 23:49
576610 Re: The most unusual place I have logged into Perl Monks from is: 2006-10-06 03:21
572648 Re: I mostly sleep... 2006-09-13 02:25
570541 Re: Most infamous "Last words": 2006-08-31 08:07
560857 Re^3: Who would win in a swordfight? 2006-07-13 02:37
557697 Re: And while in uffish thought, the manxome foe I seek is 2006-06-27 03:22
552668 Re: Is it real? 2006-05-31 00:55
526607 Re: I commute via: 2006-01-30 23:40
524861 Re: The next successful successor to DVD as a medium for video will be: 2006-01-23 01:57
523375 Re: Someday "everything" will be powered by... 2006-01-16 01:02
522867 Re: Someday "everything" will be powered by... 2006-01-13 02:10
521843 Re: I take this poll 2006-01-09 01:19
519451 Re^2: How do you plan on spending your leap second? 2005-12-27 23:36
516834 Re^2: What's your favourite method of untainting? 2005-12-15 02:45
504080 Re^2: This year for Halloween I will dress as a(n) 2005-10-30 23:44
482819 Re^3: When I see a poll 2005-08-11 01:08
479173 Re^2: Most poll options are... 2005-07-28 23:24
478760 Most poll options are... 2005-07-27 22:59
464930 Re: The best "true zero" is... 2005-06-09 01:33
464536 Re: top and STDERR hell... 2005-06-08 03:31
456580 Re^2: The cutest Perl6 marsupial mascot would be... 2005-05-13 01:19
454880 Re^2: The cutest Perl6 marsupial mascot would be... 2005-05-07 08:13
454601 Re^2: The cutest Perl6 marsupial mascot would be... 2005-05-06 04:41
454583 Re: The cutest Perl6 marsupial mascot would be... 2005-05-06 03:04
420200 Re: poll ideas quest 2005-01-07 08:38
418481 Re: Most of the email spam I get is: 2004-12-31 07:00
400385 Re: Is using '-s' really bad and why? 2004-10-19 02:03
386227 Re^2: Looking for examples of well-written modules 2004-08-27 02:36
382547 Re: Carcasonne, Settlers of Catan 2004-08-13 05:46
379219 Re: I'm most impressed by... 2004-08-02 08:12
378257 Re: Perl Daemons 2004-07-29 00:35
369265 Re: suid on solaris?? 2004-06-24 08:36
367509 Re^2: Automatically logged in as someone else 2004-06-17 03:03
362959 Re^2: Constants you cannot help but remember 2004-06-10 01:36
340526 Re: Re: I most recently did it in the... 2004-03-29 07:18
336591 Re: Re: The best way to get food in my mouth is... 2004-03-15 03:46
336590 Re: The best way to get food in my mouth is... 2004-03-15 03:43
336574 Re: Please don't use eval for this! (was Re: List Values As Multidimensional Hash Keys) 2004-03-15 00:54
336042 Re: What if it were you instead of Linus? 2004-03-12 00:31
327573 Re: Re: 'Restricted' data, an additional security mechanism for Perl. 2004-02-09 08:55
325763 Re: My interpersonal communication protocol/style is the most like... 2004-02-02 01:18
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[thezip]: Is there an analogy for '&' (ie. run commandline process in background) for Windows commandline?
[Corion]: thezip: start "some title" path\to\that\ application, but that will open another console window
[Corion]: thezip: If you want to confuse your users, use system(1, "that\\command" );, which will make Perl launch it in the background
[Corion]: That will keep the console window open even though the user can't type into it anymore
[thezip]: So I have a script that generates a log file. After script completion, I want tohave VIM open this logfile.

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