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These nodes all have stuff by steelrose (showing 1-30 out of ~30?):

Node ID Writeup Created
512941 Re^4: Site Search perlscript and security 2005-11-30 14:18
512770 Re^2: Site Search perlscript and security 2005-11-29 21:06
512728 Re^2: Site Search perlscript and security 2005-11-29 17:49
512698 Site Search perlscript and security 2005-11-29 16:37
510331 Insert Space between names 2005-11-21 01:36
501792 Re: Just How Absorbed Are You Into Programming? 2005-10-20 19:35
499596 Re: Spaghetti code... 2005-10-12 17:02
499594 Re: perl not omnipotent? let's see! 2005-10-12 16:58
497225 Re: Detecting Installed Softwares on PC 2005-10-04 12:18
491314 Re^3: turn off strict for production code 2005-09-12 16:55
483007 Re^3: On Commenting Out 'use strict;' 2005-08-11 15:49
482921 Re: On Commenting Out 'use strict;' 2005-08-11 12:22
468368 Re^2: Getting table dimensions 2005-06-20 14:20
468352 Re^2: Getting table dimensions 2005-06-20 13:59
468337 Getting table dimensions 2005-06-20 13:32
463408 Re: How do you program (again)? 2005-06-03 21:39
462398 Re: Code Review - What Medium? 2005-06-01 12:16
458246 Dimensions of a jpg file 2005-05-18 15:27
458178 Re^2: The New Job 2005-05-18 12:54
456749 Re^2: Security: balancing two conflicting password policies 2005-05-13 14:23
454741 Re: Perl CGI gives HTTP error 500 2005-05-06 17:53
454120 Re: What is Your Opinion on Non-code Posters? 2005-05-04 19:18
452633 Re^2: Memory Monitoring 2005-04-29 15:15
451169 Memory Monitoring 2005-04-25 12:59
449376 Re^3: Is there a CPAN module that distorts an image to make it only human-readable? 2005-04-19 18:31
448869 Re^2: Timesheets: What are they good for? 2005-04-18 14:00
446995 Re^2: OT: Wash hands after computer use. 2005-04-12 13:54
444707 Re: search and replace text in multiple files in a directory 2005-04-04 15:03
440089 Re: Programming strategy with no on-going testing 2005-03-16 18:51
440077 Re: Money vs. Perl 2005-03-16 18:34
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[Corion]: :-D
Corion discovers a new shiny toy to try out over the (longish) weekend. Since I've done some more with websockets, maybe I'll try writing a webserver that implements hot-reloading of HTML(+CSS, +Javascript) in the browser. Edit the local file and ...
[Corion]: ... the browser(s) get a ping to a) refresh the page or b) reload "just" the changed parts, keeping the scroll position etc.
[Corion]: But I also have to look at how I can make WWW::Mechanize:: RemoteBrowser a reality, and how to make it safe from malicious content ;)
[Corion]: Part of wanting hot-reloading is that I think I've stumbled on a very simple set of CSS that I maybe want to use for a blog, but I want to try that out on mobile too, and I also want to add/modify it slightly so it has a header too...
[Corion]: ... and having hot reloading would make it easy to view the changes in multiple browser windows of different sizes, and on Android, simultaneously

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