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372672 Re: AUTOLOAD for variables? 2004-07-08 04:48
336656 Re: The best way to get food in my mouth is... 2004-03-15 10:28
318387 Re: CGI::Application redirecting from one handler to another. 2004-01-02 18:16
315798 Re: Regex to match 20 chars of some digits followed by some spaces 2003-12-19 14:21
310784 Re: Re: Passing multiple data types to a subroutine 2003-11-28 20:20
310031 Re: Template Toolkit install problem 2003-11-25 19:26
308200 Re: XML::Simple Output 2003-11-19 00:32
308189 Re: Sorted tied hash wierdness 2003-11-18 23:49
307056 Re: Unwrapping values in a template 2003-11-14 14:35
284393 Re: Problem with module using Crypt::OpenPGP 2003-08-17 06:04
278360 Re: Re: Re: Reinventing wheels: query string parsing. 2003-07-28 07:19
278128 Re: Apache::Template perl directory configuration 2003-07-26 20:36
277367 Re: Re: Re: Mod_Perl multiple timezones 2003-07-23 23:18
269787 Re: Re: quick question about hash element access 2003-06-28 01:11
265597 Re: Re: Re: How to check if a word is reserved 2003-06-13 06:49
265269 Re: $threads->join() only returns one argument??? BUG? 2003-06-12 03:39
264539 Re: How can I call subroutines in an array 2003-06-10 04:54
261227 Re: qr//x and \# weirdness (AS 5.8?) 2003-05-28 05:28
254561 Re: Perl/Tk: Tabbed Windows? 2003-05-01 03:52
254519 Re: XML::Complicated 2003-04-30 23:00
253451 Re: How to use variables from other package? 2003-04-27 06:15
251100 Re: Updating Specific Fields in MS Access 2003-04-17 01:29
251074 Re: %ENV{TZ} does not always affect CORE::localtime() under multi-threaded perl 2003-04-16 22:35
244298 Re: Re: Re: Hash of hashes syntax 2003-03-19 09:24
243552 Re: A step on the path to enlightenment 2003-03-17 00:18
243519 Re: Net::Dict not acting expectedly 2003-03-16 19:48
239772 Re: Tear it 2003-03-01 22:08
238701 Re: Conditional 'use lib' 2003-02-26 08:04
219978 Re: What the [sub]in 'L value do they have? 2002-12-15 08:37
219041 Re: Can't delete big file (>2GB) under Linux (XFS & Reseirfs) by unlink 2002-12-11 09:46
215922 Re: Regular Expression Problem 2002-11-26 20:19
215851 Re: non-mod_perl authentication 2002-11-26 15:50
215836 Re: Tk GUI Building with Loops 2002-11-26 14:48
215831 Re: Lost methods 2002-11-26 12:32
215577 Re: Lost... 2002-11-25 07:22
215058 Re: Re: Re: Confessions of an Initiate: a first Perl program 2002-11-22 11:05
214904 Re: Confessions of an Initiate: a first Perl program 2002-11-21 20:33
213501 Re: Fixing Bad HTML 2002-11-17 03:07
212511 Re: Include Constants from other files 2002-11-13 07:31
207464 Re: Re: Re: HoH Sorting by value 2002-10-23 17:47
206278 Re: A new question from the front line 2002-10-18 11:44
206224 Re: Re: Re: Re: Are strings lists of characters? 2002-10-18 05:43
204093 Re: Re: Checking File Types 2002-10-10 04:12
204079 Re: IO::Scalar on Apache Weirdness 2002-10-10 01:43
204078 Re: Checking File Types 2002-10-10 01:34
203729 Re: Re: Use of uninitialized value at? 2002-10-08 19:19
202683 Re: Re: Size of @+ 2002-10-04 03:26
202512 Re: Re: Parsing HTML tags with regex 2002-10-03 13:33
202504 Re: Being a heretic and going against the party line. 2002-10-03 13:23
201955 Re: Re: how to make a demon in perl? 2002-10-01 09:25
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[Corion]: Maybe the solution would be a tablet (with pens), like the Wacom tablets, but you still need good software and need to know how to operate it well in an interactive setting ;)
[ambrus]: Corion: the solution depends on who for. Some non-math presentations need to show lots of graphics or photos, with fine details and color. For those, blackboard or overhead transparencies aren't so good (yes, you can print on transparencies, but there's s
[ambrus]: ome quality limits), but film projection or computer projector is fine.
[ambrus]: A minority of math presenters are traditional and don't want to operate a computer. For them, handwritten overhead transparencies and blackboard are fine.
[Corion]: BTW, has anybody seen the Microsoft Surface Studio thing live?
[ambrus]: Some will operate a computer, but want to operate crazy unusable android-like GUIs. For those, printed overhead transparencies or simple slide editors and maybe even tablets are fine.
[ambrus]: Some people like me are fine in learning how to use some custom user interface. For me, I might want to make some keyboard- controlled interactive live slide writer program, like I said in the hypothetical case when I have lots of years of free time for th
[Corion]: ambrus: Some of my math professors delegated TeX-ing of the exercises etc. to their secretaries :) But they all had very neat handwriting and good blackboard operation anyway ;)

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