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Re^2: console editor

by misc (Pilgrim)
on Sep 04, 2007 at 14:21 UTC ( #636948=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: console editor
in thread console editor

I didn't know this text editor..
Thanks for your hint, I'll have to try it, although I'm used to vim.

About my problems with Curses::UI
I wasn't able to clear keybindings like documented in Curses::UI::Widget.
Instead of e.g., as documented,
$w->set_binding( \&myfunc, "\cF" ); $w->clear_binding( \&myfunc );
you'll have to call  $w->clear_binding( '__routine_'.\&myfunc ); In order to clear the binding to myfunc.

I had to look into the sources to figure this out, and I'd consider this a bug.. It should be at least documented in the pod.

I've mailed the maintainer, but didn't get an answer yet.

Next problem I had: the texteditor isn't searchable.
I tried to set some bindings to the according search functions,
but ended in a mess.
This time I wasn't able to figure out howto make the texteditor searchable within some hours, I gave up.

I'd like to say that Curses::UI are great modules as long as you don't want something too complex.

I personally also hate to do workarounds (which drives me crazy if I've to code some javascript..),
so I concluded that I'd be better with writing my own ui than using Curses::UI.

It's not the way I have fun, and I'd also like to say you'll end up in a mess.
Furthermore I believe such workarounds would become too dependent on the internals of Curses::UI. If anything changes in these modules, the workarounds could easily break.

Update: My feelings about getting into trouble with Curses::UI have been confirmed.
I just found this node: Re: text mode screen-oriented application development]
To quote Withigo: Debugging little quirks in Curses::UI which required custom overrides with Curses code was an especially painful.

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