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Re: passing a command line argument

by naikonta (Curate)
on Oct 04, 2007 at 16:17 UTC ( #642697=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to passing a command line argument

As bart points out, it can't happen. It could be the shell that trying to replace what it considers special (meta) characters in the $string. You can use quotemeta to escape those characters or using the equivalent escape sequences such as \Q.

$ ls hello $ perl -e 'my $dir = q(not$socooldir); system "mkdir $dir" and die "ex +ecution failed\n"' $ ls hello not $ perl -e 'my $dir = q(not$socooldir); $dir = quotemeta $dir; system " +mkdir $dir" and die "execution failed\n"' $ ls hello not not$socooldir $ perl -e 'my $dir = q(not$socooldir); system "mkdir \Q$dir" and die " +execution failed\n"' mkdir: cannot create directory `not$socooldir': File exists execution failed

Of course, perl has its own mkdir function, internally. Please note that the third execution fails because directory already exists, indicating that \Q$dir and quotemeta $dir result in the same directory name.

One more thing, please don't use `shellcmd args` in void context, because you ask for something to return but effectively discard it. Assign it to a scalar or an array to capture the output if you want it so.

my @lines = `shellcmd args`; # list context my $line = `shellcmd args`; # scalar context

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