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Re: Perl is an ad-hoc irregular jumble of functionality... and that is A-OK

by Mutant (Priest)
on Oct 12, 2007 at 11:16 UTC ( #644439=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl is an ad-hoc irregular jumble of functionality... and that is A-OK

Not sure I agree on your assertion that Perl 6 is not the least bit Perl like. I think PHP is so successful because it fully embraces "Worse Is Better", which is kind of what you're alluding to. Perl 5, to some extent, does too, but it's attempted to move towards a more "correct" design, while still being genuinely better (and Perlish). I think a good example of this is the strict pragma.

Perl 6 (at least as it seems from where I'm standing) is an attempt to re-design Perl with a "Better is Better" approach. Hopefully it won't sacrifice too much of it's ability to get the job done, or it's Perlish-ness.

People say Perl 6 is going to be obsolete once it's released because it's taking so long. I actually think the real challenge for Perl 6 is if the whole "Better is Better" approach can actually work. Many have tried before, many have failed. See: Lisp

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Re^2: Perl is an ad-hoc irregular jumble of functionality... and that is A-OK
by Cop on Oct 12, 2007 at 23:22 UTC

    The other major challenge is "why Perl 6?"

    People use Perl because it was available much earlier than the more correct stuffs like Python and Ruby. So it is bad, but what can you do? you have no choice.

    Now Perl 6 might be right, but it is no better than Python etc., plus it is not the first coming... so why Perl 6?

    This will be the exact reason why Perl 6 has failed before it is born.

      Now Perl 6 might be right, but it is no better than Python etc.

      Feel free to learn something about either language before comparing them.

        In a different thread, you told me that Python 3000 is nothing, and the only change was added () to print statement. Plus what Jenda asked downstairs the definition of "more correct".

        Put your notes together, you have answered yourselves: Python is more correct, and have less to fix, that's why Python 3000 is close to Python; Perl on the other hand, is so outdated, and needs a big shift to make it correct and modern.

        I don't need to compare them in detail, not to say that as a matter of fact I know both languages. To be caught in detail is exactly what we should avoid here.

        You totally missed the point. Not a surprise, as you never appeared as someone calm and have broad IT knowledge. Perl 6 might have several things better than Python, and Python might have several other things better than Perl 6... There is nothing make Perl 6 stand out. That's what "no better" meant.

        I don't care what you think, but I won't allow you to preach what is wrong.

        Then why don't you ask yourself the following question:

        If Perl is more correct, why is Larry making Perl 6, and making it OO just like Python and Ruby?

        Larry is probably the most hardcore Perl guy, much more hardcore than anyone here, but yet...

      I think perl 6 will be great for people who love perl and want to see its flaws addressed. I wonder if there where people making the same complaints about previous perls? Or C++ versus C? Visual Basic vs. QBasic?

      Eric Hodges

        I agree that there are hardcore Perl people, but most of people and company out there are not waiting for Perl 6, as a matter of fact, they are moving away from Perl (I don't want to argue how many major web site are running on Perl, I don't care, that's legacy). Perl 6 won't do anything more for them than other languages do.

        You won't get enough people and attention to get Perl 6 as popular as Perl did before.

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