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Re^4: Perl is an ad-hoc irregular jumble of functionality... and that is A-OK

by Cop
on Oct 13, 2007 at 00:55 UTC ( #644570=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Perl is an ad-hoc irregular jumble of functionality... and that is A-OK
in thread Perl is an ad-hoc irregular jumble of functionality... and that is A-OK

I agree that there are hardcore Perl people, but most of people and company out there are not waiting for Perl 6, as a matter of fact, they are moving away from Perl (I don't want to argue how many major web site are running on Perl, I don't care, that's legacy). Perl 6 won't do anything more for them than other languages do.

You won't get enough people and attention to get Perl 6 as popular as Perl did before.

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Re^5: Perl is an ad-hoc irregular jumble of functionality... and that is A-OK
by Anonymous Monk on Oct 13, 2007 at 18:26 UTC

    Not only do you keep posting utter rubbish, but your English is crap too.

    If you're so hell-bent on getting the worst reputation in the monastery then why don't you save yourself and us time by going to thepen and clicking on the button a lot - problem solved.

    Then you could just leave and go to a Python website and post lots of useful constructive stuff there instead of hanging around here being negative - or don't you actually have anything constructive to contribute?

      It is totally constructive to deconstruct perl's weaknesses. At least learn how to listen. Why are you so scared to hear different oppinions?

      I didn't come here to lose XP, so I won't do the stupid thing you suggested. I didn't come to get XP either, so I say what;s right.

        I agree, "deconstructing perl's (sic) weaknesses" could be a constructive thing to do, and that could in itself be a reasonable objective.

        Unfortunately, as anyone who reads back over the very large volume of nodes you've posted in the short time since you've joined (it appears you've focussed on quantity, not on quality) will find, "deconstruction of Perl's weaknesses" has not made up a noticable proportion of what you've posted.

        Is it perhaps that you just have verbal diarrhea and have a problem with resising your compulsion to post on everything you read?

        If you were saying something useful instead of just putting everything down and being rude to people then you wouldn't have to ask people to listen, we'd be there already. I'm not scared of different opinions in the slightest, in fact that's why I come here mostly, for well reasoned different opinions from people who know what they're talking about and who back up what they opine.

        I can work with "This way of doing things has problems because of ..., I suggest that we do it this way ... instead because ..." - but the "Python is cool, but Perl is flawed so you should give up on it" or "What you're trying to do is stupid" are neither right, helpful, usable nor constructive.

        If you like typing so much and being right, would you care to spend some time putting together a post in reply to this node with a list of your own posts that you actually consider to be "contructutive deconstructions of Perl's weakenesses"?

        I pulled out the last 40 or so of your posts and couldn't find anything profoundly constructive in there, and have to confess I stopped looking at that point, it seemed to be a lost cause.

        Also, if what you post is so "right" - why is it you often seem to backtrack on what you say after someone corrects you?

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