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Re: upgrade from 5.6.1 to 5.8

by tokpela (Chaplain)
on Oct 16, 2007 at 18:53 UTC ( #645253=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to upgrade from 5.6.1 to 5.8

Jan at ActiveState responded to a post last year on the Win32 Perl list about how to get a list of your PPM installed modules and how to restore them after upgrading.

My experience was that this did not work very well or that there were different modules already installed.

But, if you at least have a list - you can install your previous modules pretty easily with the Visual Package Manager that comes with the 5.8.8 version.

Subject: Upgrading Perl

If all your modules have been installed with PPM, then you should use the ppmprofile script to save and restore these settings.

*Before* you upgrade, install ppm-profile and save your module information:

ppm install ppm-profile ppmprofile save c:\myppm.xml

*After* you have installed a new ActivePerl you can restore all modules with

ppm install ppm-profile ppmprofile restore c:\myppm.xml

If you added additional repositories to your PPM setup, then you probably need to set them up again before running the restore to make sure ppm can locate all the modules again.

Note that this procedure may restore a later version of a module if it has been updated in the repository since you originally installed it. It is also possible that you may not be able to re-install a module because it may no longer be available.

I would strongly recommend to make a backup of your installation before uninstalling anything.

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