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Re^2: DBI on windows problem

by txtoolman (Initiate)
on Nov 01, 2007 at 16:20 UTC ( #648507=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: DBI on windows problem
in thread DBI on windows problem

11-1-2007 -- The DELETE line is where the problem lies. Here is the code:

use DBI;

$dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:ODBC:Tradchem2005');
#--select * from xcontacts
$sql1 =
"UPDATE xcontacts
where sysparentid in (select sysrowid from clients where loaddate >= (GETDATE()-7)) and contactname <> '' ";

$sql2 = "delete from contacts where sysrowid in (select sysrowid from Xcontacts where newcolumn8 = 'X') ";

$sql2a = "
Insert Contacts Select Address4, AddInterests, Child1Birthday, Child1info, Child1Name, Child2Birthday, Child2Info, Child2Name,
SysRowID, SysRoute, SysParentID, SysDateAdded, SysDateUpdated, Address1, Address2, Address3, CallWhen, City, ColComment,
CustomerName, ContactName, Country, county, Division, EmailAddress, Ext1, Ext2, GoalofCall, HotButton, LastCalled, Leadstatus,
Birthday, PersonalData, PersonalIntr, ZipCode, ReportsTo, Salutation, Specialty, State, Phone1, Phone2, FAXnumber, Title, TypeUpdate,
cellPhone, Pager, SysParentTable, ReportsToID, Child3Birthday, Child3Info, Child3Name, Department, Hobbies, MoveDate, MoveTo,
NewColumn1, NewColumn2, NewColumn3, NewColumn4, NewColumn5, NewColumn6, NewColumn7, NewColumn8, OrphanContact,
Spouse, Spousebd, SpouseInfo, WedAnniv, QBType, PhoneType, ContactIDnumber, ContactNumber, ContactPurpose, CountryPhoneCode,
FirstName, LastName, YearStarted, CorpID, ContactNameOldSys

from Xcontacts where newcolumn8 = 'X'";

$sql3 = "
UPDATE Xcontacts

$sql4 = "
UPDATE contacts

$getinfo = $dbh->prepare($sql1);
$rcount1 = $getinfo->rows;
print OUTFILE ("SQL1 execute finished -- $rcount1 \n");

$getinfo = $dbh->prepare($sql2);
$rcount2 = $getinfo->rows;
print OUTFILE ("SQL2 execute finished -- $rcount2\n");

$getinfo = $dbh->prepare($sql2a);
$rcount2a = $getinfo->rows;
print OUTFILE ("SQL2a execute finished -- $rcount2a\n");

$getinfo = $dbh->prepare($sql3);
$rcount3 = $getinfo->rows;
print OUTFILE ("SQL3 execute finished -- $rcount3\n");

$getinfo = $dbh->prepare($sql4);
$rcount4 = $getinfo->rows;
print OUTFILE ("SQL4 execute finished -- $rcount4\n");

close (OUTFILE);

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Re^3: DBI on windows problem
by jZed (Prior) on Nov 01, 2007 at 18:33 UTC
    Nothing in that jumps out at me as wrong (on the Perl side) except that you don't set RaiseError, warnings, or strict. Perhaps adding those will give you some more information.

    On the off-chance that there's a bug in your version of DBD::ODBC's rows(), you could see if the results are any different with just $rcount2 = $getinfo->execute() which should also return the rows affected for non-SELECT statements.

      I used the code you suggested - no change. Then I defined a second $dbh (identical to the first one), and used the new $dbh with the delete statement. I got the numbers I was suppose to get. I'm very curious why this is needed for the delete line, but for the updates and insert lines, there are no problems. One other thing I was thinking: would using the Win32::ODBC module be more reliable?

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