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by Hyler (Sexton)
on Mar 30, 2000 at 19:39 UTC ( #6537=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I mostly use ActivePerl under Windows.

I've only done two "real" thing in Perl so far, one using to do dynamic generation of webpages and a little thingy to compare DNS against DHCP information. And of course several little thingies to do a repetitive task, or nasty things, with ASCII files.

Oh, I've now played a little with use Tk; and done a little thing that lists the available network shares on a list of Windows computers and displays it nicely. Learned a lot and was both disappointed and impressed when it was only thirty-some lines after I'd removed all the notes and testing/debugging cruft. It's posted in Win32 Stuff in the Code Catacombs.

I'm reminded of the day my daughter came in, looked over my shoulder at some Perl 4 code, and said, "What is that, swearing?"
-- Larry Wall in <>

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[thezip]: Is there an analogy for '&' (ie. run commandline process in background) for Windows commandline?
[Corion]: thezip: start "some title" path\to\that\ application, but that will open another console window
[Corion]: thezip: If you want to confuse your users, use system(1, "that\\command" );, which will make Perl launch it in the background
[Corion]: That will keep the console window open even though the user can't type into it anymore
[thezip]: So I have a script that generates a log file. After script completion, I want tohave VIM open this logfile.
[thezip]: i don't get the command line "back" until I close VIM. No what I want to happen...
[thezip]: I currently don't have access to CYGWIN, else I'd just do a tail -f on the logfile.

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