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Re: Packages and symbol tables

by Joost (Canon)
on Dec 01, 2007 at 14:16 UTC ( #654321=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Packages and symbol tables

BEGIN { print "$_ => $Foo::{$_}\n" foreach keys %Foo::; }
is probably better in your specific case.

Anyway, my guess at what's going wrong is that base is trying to be clever in a way that you don't expect.

Since you're defining the packages in the same file, just drop the use base and do:

package Foo::Bar; our @ISA = 'Foo';

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Re^2: Packages and symbol tables
by johnnywang (Priest) on Dec 01, 2007 at 18:17 UTC
    Thanks Joost, your suggested change to use @ISA solved the problem (although I'm now on to the next one!) care to explain the thinking in your message?

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