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Re: Best Material for Floors:

by tbone1 (Monsignor)
on Dec 03, 2007 at 13:08 UTC ( #654561=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Best Material for Floors:

I wanted to get the field turf that they're using in football stadiums (stadia?) now. No such luck; my wife didn't want ground up pellets of rubber in the house when we have kids and dogs.

In all seriousness, we did get some laminate wood flooring, and I must say it does look nice. Certainly it was better than the pepto-bismal-pink carpet we inherited from the previous owners. Then again, anything would have looked better than the pepto-bismal-pink carpet we inherited from the previous owners. The laminate is also quite easy to clean. We have a Roomba and a boy who loves to use the swiffer mop, which means a minimal effort for yours truly. My only complaint about the new flooring is that, if our beagles need their nails trimmed, it sounds like a castanet convention in the hallway.

tbone1, YAPS (Yet Another Perl Schlub)
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- Chick McGee

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