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Re: Eliminating conditional code for GUI and text-mode operation

by ikegami (Pope)
on Dec 07, 2007 at 07:13 UTC ( #655596=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Eliminating conditional code for GUI and text-mode operation

This is a concern as I am considering an incremental move over to a OO style and higher levels of abstraction. How might OO design or some other abstraction help me support this dual-interface ability?


{ package UI; ... sub refresh_track_display {} ... } { package UI::Graphical; our @ISA = 'UI'; ... sub refresh_track_display { ... } ... } { package UI::Text; our @ISA = 'UI'; ... # Inherit no-op refresh_track_display. ... } ... $ui->refresh_track_display(); ...

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Re^2: Eliminating conditional code for GUI and text-mode operation
by gnosti (Hermit) on Dec 07, 2007 at 09:50 UTC
    This is good, because I have a few more of these conditionals, and everywhere around them feels brittle and I feel pinched by them. These are thorns I can remove from my dreams as well. :-)

    I am happy that I can refine code that I already have. I think I'm no longer envious of those LISP guys, living in their clouds of parentheses.

    For the first time, I feel that I understand how a hierarchy would work, and in fact, have used them already with Tk.

    A UI class might be at the top, a Session might inherit from that, and specify a group of recordings and data structures expressing the routing and processing specifics(as it already does in my procedural code).

    I can see how each level can add its own subroutines in a neat way. I am gleeful that I can accomplish this directly using something lightweight like Object::Tiny. Encouraged by the simplicity, excited to get at these possibilities with less boilerplate, from which I would also like to liberate my dreams and waking hours.:-)

    I am happy to think I can develop more succinct ways to say and get to what I want in code.

Re^2: Eliminating conditional code for GUI and text-mode operation
by gnosti (Hermit) on Dec 08, 2007 at 09:09 UTC
    I'm thrilled to begin getting this... although some hours are going by...

    As stand-alone code, this example produces the expected output. As a module (built with the h2xs boilerplate) make test fails with:

    Tried to use 'TestOO'. # Error: Can't locate object method "new" via package "UI::Graphical" at /media/jroth/ecmd-dev/TestOO/blib/lib/ line 56.

    Any ideas about this? I just pasted this stuff into the 'precompiled methods go here' indicator in the boilerplate.

    Is there a reason why the children would inherit 'new' from the superclass in one context and not in another?

    package UI; use Object::Tiny qw(dummy); sub hello {print "superclass hello\n"}; package UI::Graphical; @ISA = 'UI'; sub hello {print "make a window\n";} my $ui = UI->new; $ui->hello; $ui = UI::Graphical->new; $ui->hello; 1;
      Are you sure that's the code you ran? It should work. And it works for me.
      >perl superclass hello make a window

      use Object::Tiny qw(dummy);
      can be written as
      use Object::Tiny;
      but not as
      use Object::Tiny qw( ); or
      use Object::Tiny ( );
      You would get the error you showed if you did one of the latter two.

      Also, if you have no members, you can use
      $ui = 'UI'; instead of $ui = UI->new();, and
      $ui = 'UI::Graphical'; instead of $ui = UI::Graphical->new();.
      However, you'll probably need some members, so you might as well continue the way you are going.

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