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Re: Trying to make perl suck less again

by Cop
on Dec 22, 2007 at 17:20 UTC ( #658667=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Trying to make perl suck less again

If I am reading this correctly, it sucks today.

Why go through all this trouble, why not just move away?

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Re^2: Trying to make perl suck less again
by dsheroh (Prior) on Dec 22, 2007 at 18:31 UTC
    All software sucks. Some programs just suck more than others.
     - far too many posts in alt.sysadmin.recovery to count

    Judging by the use of English in some of your posts, Cop, I tend to suspect that it may not be your native language. There is no shame in that, but it may have left you unaware of this particular use of "even":

    In EvanCarrol's post, he says he wants Perl to "suck even less". This construct indicates that he believes it to already suck very little, but wants to remove the small amount of suckiness that remains. It could also be taken to imply that he believes Perl already sucks less than any of the other alternatives. It is not a complaint about the quality of Perl, but rather an acknowledgement that, as good as it is, it's still not perfect.

      You got that "even" correctly in terms of language, and I don't dispute that - yes it is about comparason. But you didn't get it correctly in this context - in terms of logic.

      You thought that "even" came into the picture when he was comparing perl against some other languages, but I take it that he was comparing this new version of perl against previous versions. The author never specified that, although I knew where he was heading.

      Then what he meant was that this new version sucks, although sucks less than previous versions.

      By the way, someone said in private that this is troll against troll. Now does this not mean that whoever said that took Evan's original post as troll - which means quite a few suspected that he was talking against perl? You know where this is leading to, right?

      All software sucks... say you are right, but there is always a level thing here, and perl is in the left field.

      The need for Moose is a clear indication how perl OO sucks. OO should be a built-in part of the language, not as some sort of add on. We all know that.

Re^2: Trying to make perl suck less again
by exussum0 (Vicar) on Dec 22, 2007 at 18:35 UTC
    It doesn't fully meet his needs. Tossing out the baby w/ the bathwater isn't always the right thing. In this case, a lot of value he sees in 5.10 is offset by a little inconvenience. He's trying to make it optional is all.

    It's why we have tailors for adjust suits, and car manufacturers can add features after the factory gives them a car.

      Who is the baby, and what is the bathwater? That's the basic question we all have to answer.

      The baby is whatever the project that people work on, and the bathwater is the technology that they pick. The whole and holy purpose is to use the technology to solve real world problems in scope of the project - certainly not to solve the problems with the technology picked. Pick the right technology, you only need to spend minimum amount of one's time on serving the techenology; while picking the wrong techonology, for example perl, you are forced to spend a big chunck of your effrot serving perl - to suffer, and subsequently less to no time to make the project right - to fulfill the real world requirements the best.

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