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Re^2: Disappointed with latest Strawberry Perl

by xdg (Monsignor)
on Dec 30, 2007 at 06:07 UTC ( #659567=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Disappointed with latest Strawberry Perl
in thread Disappointed with latest Strawberry Perl

g77 was brought up in the past, but it just fell off the todo list. Alias is the Strawberry pumpking right now -- as soon as he gets newly refactored build tools updated on CPAN and documented, it should be easy to patch in g77.

I believe all the code is in Alias' open repository -- so contributing should be easy:

PPM is more of a philosophical issue, I think. The version of PPM on CPAN is way out of date, I believe. Also, since much of the impetus for Vanilla and Strawberry in the first place was frustrations with the limitations of PPM, it hasn't been a priority for any of the developers. For a recent view, see Alias' post on, ActivePerl PPM repository design flaw goes critical.

I also want to add that syphilis has provided excellent feedback and suggestions throughout our work on Vanilla and Strawberry. I heartily welcome it and appreciate his continued interest!


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Re^3: Disappointed with latest Strawberry Perl
by syphilis (Chancellor) on Dec 30, 2007 at 11:24 UTC
    The version of PPM on CPAN is way out of date, I believe

    It's certainly well behind in terms of features when compared to the version that ships with ActivePerl. But it's still such a handy thing to have at one's disposal - and it's the first thing I'll be installing on my 5.10 Strawberry Perl.

    Sometimes I'm in the middle of something and I find I need a module - and it's a module that doesn't build easily. The last thing I want to be doing is heading off on a tangent trying to get that module to build, when I could quickly and easily ppm install it - and get back to the actual task at hand. It's in those types of situations that one really appreciates ppm.


    Update: I've just installed ppm using the tarball that randyk provided - then reset BUILDDIR as per his suggestion by running  ppm set build C:\Users\Rob\AppData\Local\Temp

    All works fine.
Re^3: Disappointed with latest Strawberry Perl
by eserte (Deacon) on Dec 30, 2007 at 13:57 UTC
    I think you should make a distinction between the current problems of a (popular) PPM repository and the PPM system as is (a distribution system for binary packages). Such systems may be very successful, think of Debian's dpkg/apt system.

    Personally, I find the approach taken by *BSD most appealing: there's a system for binary packages (just called "packages" in FreeBSD) and a system for building from source ("ports" in FreeBSD). Both are connected: a "package" is built using a build file from the "ports". One would use the source path if the binary package is not available (for whatever reason, including legal reasons), or if one needs a specific configuration, or if a newer version exists which is not yet available as a binary package.

    Translating this into perl's world:

    • "package" = ppm
    • "ports" =

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