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Re^4: Automating CPAN Configuration

by Anonymous Monk
on Feb 15, 2008 at 19:17 UTC ( #668225=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Automating CPAN Configuration
in thread Automating CPAN Configuration

After several Days of working this out, I finally got it to work. The finished result is below. Thanks for Perl Monks for the ideas from this thread. Wouldn't have been able to do it without you!
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; # get the path to the library use Config; my $libpath = $Config{privlib}; # force CPAN::FirstTime to not default to manual # setup, since initial CPAN setup needs to be automated system("perl -pi -e\'\$. == 73 and s/yes/no/\' $libpath/CPAN/FirstTime"); # initialize the file use Env; $ENV{PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT} = 1; require CPAN; require CPAN::FirstTime; CPAN::FirstTime::init("$libpath/CPAN/"); delete $ENV{PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT}; # undo the change system("perl -pi -e\'\$. == 73 and s/no/yes/\' $libpath/CPAN/FirstTime"); # read in the file open(CONFIGFILE,"<","$libpath/CPAN/"); my @lines = <CONFIGFILE>; close CONFIGFILE; # ..delete it unlink "$libpath/CPAN/"; # ..and then write it back out, replacing the line with the empty arra +y urllist with a filled in array open(NEWFILE,">","$libpath/CPAN/"); foreach(@lines){ if($_ =~ m/urllist/){ print NEWFILE " \'urllist\' => [\' +CPAN\', \'\'],\n";} else{ print NEWFILE $_;}} close NEWFILE; # install the packages CPAN::install('SOAP::Lite'); CPAN::install('XML::Simple'); 1;

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Re^5: Automating CPAN Configuration
by runrig (Abbot) on Jun 28, 2010 at 16:11 UTC

    Update: I've since discovered that I prefer cpanm

    Using your code as a starter, here is what I'm using. I think it's a bit simpler not having to rewrite the file:
    ######################################## # Get initialized export PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT=1 PERL_MM_NONINTERACTIVE=1 AUTOMATED_TESTIN +G=1 perl <<'EOT' || exit use strict; use Data::Dumper; # get the path to the library use Config; my $libpath = $Config{privlib}; # force CPAN::FirstTime to not default to manual # setup, since initial CPAN setup needs to be automated { local @ARGV = "$libpath/CPAN/"; my @source = <>; $source[72] =~ s/\byes\b/no/ or die "Could not auto configure CPAN"; eval join('', @source) or die "Error executing CPAN::FirstTime: $@"; } CPAN::FirstTime::init("$libpath/CPAN/"); delete $CPAN::Config->{links}; $CPAN::Config->{auto_commit} = '0'; $CPAN::Config->{check_sigs} = '0'; $CPAN::Config->{halt_on_failure} = '0'; $CPAN::Config->{make_install_make_command} = '/usr/bin/make'; $CPAN::Config->{mbuild_arg} = ''; $CPAN::Config->{mbuildpl_arg} = ''; $CPAN::Config->{mbuild_install_arg} = ''; $CPAN::Config->{show_upload_date} = ''; $CPAN::Config->{tar_verbosity} = '1'; $CPAN::Config->{trust_test_report_history} = '0'; $CPAN::Config->{use_sqlite} = '0'; $CPAN::Config->{yaml_load_code} = '0'; $CPAN::Config->{urllist} = [q[ftp:...your list.../], q[http://...your list...]]; $CPAN::Config->{connect_to_internet_ok} = '1'; $CPAN::Config->{perl5lib_verbosity} = 'v'; $CPAN::Config->{prefer_installer} = 'MB'; $CPAN::Config->{build_requires_install_policy} = 'no'; $CPAN::Config->{term_ornaments} = '1'; $CPAN::Config->{mbuild_install_build_command} = './Build'; mkdir ".cpan/CPAN" or die "Can't create .cpan/CPAN: $!"; CPAN::Config->commit(".cpan/CPAN/"); CPAN::install('Bundle::CPAN'); #CPAN::force('install', ''); CPAN::install('JSON'); CPAN::install('JSON::XS'); exit 0; EOT

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Node Type: note [id://668225]
[Eily]: you could tie a variable into not having the same value each time, if you like to make people who try to debug your code facepalm
[Corion]: perl -wle 'package o; use overload q("") => sub {warn "str"; ""}, bool => sub{warn "bool"; 1}; package main; my $o={}; bless $o => o; print "Yay" if ($o && !length($o))'
[Corion]: But people writing such code should document the objects they construct and why it makes sense for an object to be invisible as string while being true in a boolean context
[hippo]: That's equal parts clever and horrendous.
[Eily]: the overload version wouldn't return true with "$x" && !length $x though, I guess
[hippo]: The more I look at this code, the more $x is a plain old scalar and the more this condition will never be true. I'm calling it a bug at this point.
[hippo]: Thanks for your input which has soothed my sanity (a little)
[Corion]: Eily: Sure - if you force both things into stringy things, then you break that magic. But that would also mean that you changed the expression, as now $x = 0.00 will be true instead of false as it were before
[Corion]: Ah no, at least in my feeble experiments that doesn't change the meaning
[Corion]: We sell sanity in small packages ;)

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