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Re: Unexpected utf8 in hash keys

by doc_faustroll (Scribe)
on Feb 20, 2008 at 18:19 UTC ( #669063=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Unexpected utf8 in hash keys

I may be reading this too quickly and not appreciating or understanding your intent, or what exactly you are using the use utf8 pragma for or why. My hunch is that you might benefit from not enquiring as to when the utf8 flag is set or not. Can you tell me your purposes? We can play around with the internals of Perl and how it represents strings all day long, but I gather you have more than academic interest here? This may be a place where solid pragmatism trumps. Have you read perlunitut?

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Node Type: note [id://669063]
[LanX]: $; exists, so does the glob
[GotToBTru]: $; is "useful for emulating multi-dimensional arrays in Perl4"
[LanX]: i.e. &; is parsable
[LanX]: it's sometimes useful in P5 too
[LanX]: but I don't understand the question...
[GotToBTru]: okay, I see what it does
[GotToBTru]: you;ve answered it .. the expression is meant to be evaluated as written, it is not a symbol for a special operation

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