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Common sense is not

by stiller (Friar)
on Feb 27, 2008 at 07:20 UTC ( #670524=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Testing methodology, best practices and a pig in a hut.

Common sense, unfortunatly, is not as common as we like to think.

And that is the problem with the application of best practices et al many places. But shops that don't even try to do something like best practices, code reviews etc, they don't really shine, do they? (Now, I don't hint at that being your agenda, I kind of agree with you).

Just take as an example how people go to extremes about Damian Conway's great book, Perl Best Practices. He goes out of his way trying to drive home the point that it is not a Bible. Yet a suprisingly large crowd hold it as dogma and use that either "for" it or against it.

I think we need to at least try to learn from each other, and code reviews would be great. Application of common sense would be really great too.

As for testing, yeah, a push for that would be great too. If only the bosses would even demand a proof that perl still is able to load a module, they might understand that they should ask for more interesting tests. :o)


After actually reading the article I think I was on the right track above. See, the problem with both under- and overuse of best practices is that common sense is kept out of the picture. To a certain extent, best practises is meant to remedy temporal and accidental lack of briliance, but all too often they are the only thing keeping the house from falling apart, and then nothing is pretty.

Somebody else here asked about what this has to do with Test::*, and I wonder too. Care to elaborate?


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