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Re^4: Removing malicious HTML entities (now with more questions!)

by techcode (Hermit)
on Aug 17, 2008 at 02:35 UTC ( #704762=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Removing malicious HTML entities (now with more questions!)
in thread Removing malicious HTML entities (now with more questions!)

I thought that too at first, but there are so many different ways to output things - read from DB, directly from the form (in case of form error) ... and so many different modules are involved (TemplateToolkit, DBD::MySQL, Data::FromValidator, HTML::FillInForm ...) that I couldn't find an easy bulletproof way to encode everything (automatically) on output.

And either way - I need it 90% of the time in escaped (secure) format for printing out as part of web pages, forms and similar. I store them that way in a DB, and just print them out as-is. Actually, I would say ~ 100% - as I either need that escaped or not in some special cases - which I mentioned, like WYSIWYG editor as part of CMS. But it continues to be in same format, and very rarely do I need to undo something escaped.

So this is fire and forget approach. /ex-Yugoslavia languages: Sipas i ne mislis !/

Performance wise it's also better - as with anything else that you can pre-calculate, instead of escaping it over and over ... You can also think about it as tainted mode - everything "is protected" and you need to untaint anything you might need - no way to forget to escape something. Which is quite easy (to forget) in web world where you add new and change old fields like socks.

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