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"be consistent"


by FlatBallFlyer (Acolyte)
on Aug 28, 2008 at 18:58 UTC ( #707561=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

PERL, Java, C++ spoken here, as well as ancient languages from the mist (COBOL, RPG, FORTRAN, DBASE, Pascal). IBM Solutions Architect for Tivoli Software brand. In the real world I'm REALLY REALLY into DiscGolf and Go.

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[james28909]: i figured out a neet trick
[Lady_Aleena]: james28909, what neat trick?
[james28909]: now if i have packed a script into a PDK exe, and misplaced the source, i can print it.
[james28909]: but you have to prepare for it first by adding this to the source
[james28909]: seek DATA, 0, 0; while (<DATA>) { print; }
[Lady_Aleena]: Sounds interesting. Have you written a meditation or cool use for it?
[Lady_Aleena]: It might be something PerlMonks at large would be interested in.

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