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POE & Tk Generate Warning on Strawberry Perl 5.10

by cmv (Chaplain)
on Oct 16, 2008 at 16:32 UTC ( #717528=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
cmv has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:


Running this example program:

use strict; use warnings; use English; use Tk; use POE; print STDERR scalar(localtime()), "\n";
Gives me this warning message:
c:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl -w .\ Use of uninitialized value $id in hash element at c:/strawberry/perl/s +ite/lib/Tk/ line 39.
when I run under the latest the latest Strawberry Perl 5.10 available.

Do I need to worry about this? I'm seeing some strange behavior in my code, and don't know if this might be contributing or not.

I am working on distilling a sample program for my problem. If this exercise doesn't help me discover it, I may be adding to this post. I thought the warning should be brought up in any case.



How to reproduce:

1.) Download & install the latest Strawberry Perl 5.10 on stock 32-bit Windows XP.
2.)Run supplied ppm and install Tk and install POE from the default repositories.
3.) Run the example program.

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Re: POE & Tk Generate Warning on Strawberry Perl 5.10
by rcaputo (Chaplain) on Oct 16, 2008 at 17:30 UTC

    I wouldn't worry unless it's your plan all along to load Tk and POE, then not use them. :)

    But seriously, as a test case that's a little too trivial. It probably doesn't exercise the issue you're seeing with the larger program.

Re: POE & Tk Generate Warning on Strawberry Perl 5.10
by cmv (Chaplain) on Oct 17, 2008 at 14:07 UTC

    Well, I spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday distilling down a sample program to illustrate some problems I was having with POE & Tk on Strawberry Perl 5.10 (no scroll bars, strange session interactions, etc). I managed to get it down to be small enough that I could post it this morning and when I came it and tried it again, everything worked!

    So, (heavy sarcasm) I guess I just need to build my production code to identify when this problem pops up, and force windows XP to reboot to correct it.

    Rotten Windows...


    PS - The original warning message is gone too. Go figure...

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