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Do you know where your variables are?


by Maddingue (Sexton)
on Apr 11, 2001 at 23:53 UTC ( #71836=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Short bio: I'm a sysadmin living in the South of France. I play with Perl since about 1994 but do more serious stuff with it since just a few years. Now I maintain about twenty CPAN modules, including two core modules.

Perl code coverage:
Maintainer of Net::Pcap, Sys::Syslog

Perl conferences: YAPC::Europe 2003, French Perl Workshop 2004 (speaker), YAPC::Europe 2004 (speaker), French Perl Workshop 2005 (organiser), YAPC::Europe 2005 (speaker), London Perl Workshop 2005, Nordic Perl Workshop 2006, YAPC::Europe 2006, French Perl Workshop 2006 (speaker)

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[stevieb]: I went on my merry way writing a cross-platform, network-aware system that works across Perlbrew and Berrybrew systems and runs unit tests for Perl dists on all installed versions, with the ability to manage *brew commands themselves
[stevieb]: That worked out exceptionally well, as when I started that project, I hadn't delved into hardware development yet.
[stevieb]: found a issue in MetaCPAN::Client though today for my revdep tests. At least I think it's an issue
[stevieb]: I'm working on hiding the fact the software needs MetaCPAN::Client, as I often have a hell of a time installing it. I'm going to change it to let the user know if they do revdep that it needs to be installed, and remove that distribution ..
[stevieb]: ...from being a prereq

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