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Re: maximum value of a scalar

by ikegami (Pope)
on Oct 21, 2008 at 21:58 UTC ( #718599=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to maximum value of a scalar

For 32-bit version of Perl, the maximum integer (without using bigint or similar) that can be stored precisely is -253 on the negative side and 253 on the positive side.

>perl -e"printf qq{%.f\n}, 2**53+$_ for +1,0,-1" 9007199254740992 9007199254740992 9007199254740991 >perl -e"printf qq{%.f\n}, -2**53+$_ for +1,0,-1" -9007199254740991 -9007199254740992 -9007199254740992
build settingsMax positive integerMax negative integer
32-bit ints and double floats253 = 9_007_199_254_740_992-253 = -9_007_199_254_740_992
64-bit ints and double floats264-1 = 18_446_744_073_709_551_615-263 = 9_223_372_036_854_775_808
64-bit ints and quadruple floats2113 = 10_384_593_717_069_655_257_060_992_658_440_192-2113 = -10_384_593_717_069_655_257_060_992_658_440_192

Some operators (notably the bit operators) won't work with every number in that range.
Some C extensions won't work with every number in that range.

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Re^2: maximum value of a scalar
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 01, 2009 at 06:11 UTC
    I'm trying to compile for quadruple floats, and it's not obvious to me what the parameter is during configure. Suggestions? Thanks, Scott
      Sorry, none. I have no knowledge on the topic.
      I'm trying to compile for quadruple floats

      What is your compiler's C data type for these "quadruple floats" ? I had assumed that, if a C compiler could handle "quadruple floats", it would be handling them as "long doubles" - in which case building with -Duselongdouble might do the trick.

        I'm using gcc on linux. Not sure what the compiler's data type for "quadruple floats" is, though "long doubles" are 16 bytes accordint to ./Configure. It seems that (2^128) should be enough. I have long doubles turned on, and general 64 bit turned on, but I still max out at 2^64 instead of 2^113. Is there an additional gcc flag I can pass in that anyone knows of to get the 2^113 limit? Thanks! Scott

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