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Re^8: disable functions if module not installed

by ikegami (Pope)
on Nov 04, 2008 at 12:20 UTC ( #721365=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^7: disable functions if module not installed
in thread disable functions if module not installed

AUTOLOAD is going into an infinite loop trying to reflect a constant, eating up the entire "C" stack. That's the memory you're running out of.

I'm curious as to what is being autloaded. I'd add a print statement to Image/ to print out $constname.

The immediate cause of the problem is probably $! =~ /Invalid/ returning false when it is intended to return true. I'd add a print statement to Image/ to print out (0+$!).":$!".

Of course, that's assuming your version of Image::Magick is anything like the latest one. You haven't provided any version info.

By the way,
eval { require Image::Magick };
my $is_Magick = $@ ? 0 : 1;
is simpler and safer when written as
my $is_Magick = eval { require Image::Magick; 1 };

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Re^9: disable functions if module not installed
by Anonymous Monk on Nov 04, 2008 at 12:43 UTC
    It seems like he didn't install imagemagick correctly (both perl bindings, and library)

      That's would cause bootstrap to die, setting $is_Magick to false. All's good.

      So what's calling AUTOLOAD?

        PerlMagick runs out of memory says It stems from PerlMagick being unable to load .... Once you figure this out -- by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the location of or whatever else it takes on your OS -- the "runs out of memory" issue will go away too.

      Hi ikegami and Anonymous Monk,

      ImageMagick-6.4.4-2 and perl 5.10, PerlMagick is installed by the IM installer.

      Everything worked fine with use Image::Magick.

      ikegami , added a print $constname here

      sub AUTOLOAD { # This AUTOLOAD is used to 'autoload' constants from the constant( +) # XS function. If a constant is not found then control is passed # to the AUTOLOAD in AutoLoader. my $constname; ($constname = $AUTOLOAD) =~ s/.*:://; print "\nDEBUG " . $constname . "\n";

      but nothing is printed. If I remove a concatenation point have an operator missing error. Did I put this in the wrong place ?

      And, after a server reboot, the script worked 2 times and then went OOM again !?

      thanks a lot and have a nice day !

      "There is only one good, namely knowledge, and only one evil, namely ignorance." Socrates

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