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by matze77 (Friar)
on Nov 26, 2008 at 21:23 UTC ( #726232=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Beginners Corner:
Resources to get help in Perl by szabgab

Common Beginner Mistakes
Little annoying mistakes ... of others
Perl on Windows
Todo: Sort my homenode;-)

Found a way to automate 3rd party install packages / setup routines (not documented) on windows (like the s‎crip‎tit tool in former days) if you know something please drop me a messages ... Win32::GuiTest, autoit

arrays, lists etc:
Shift, Pop, Unshift and Push with Impunity!

So far only german:

Linux freak

XP is only a number

1st Happy Monkday 26.11.2009
LVL 7 Monk: 22.01.09
XP History, got lvl6 Scribe: 17.12.08
XP whore
Experience: just enough to know I know not enough
Name: Matthias
Age-Group: 1977
Job: (mainly Windows) sysadmin. (as of 2009-03)
Hobbies: Linux admin. Playing around with my Postfix Mailserver.
Soccer. Computer games ;-).
Reading. Fantasy Books (Raymond E. Feist, Tolkien)
Goals: Learning, understanding Perl.
Goals: Hope to understand Spamassassin better with some Perl experience.
converting some simple Bash S‎crip‎ts to Perl. Use Perl in a sysadmin environment
Becoming a Perl Monk ofc :-) Not becoming a XP Whore.
module caching in mod_perl
Write a review to: Win32::Security::

Formatting, nodelets etc i want it on my start page:
What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?
Writeup Formatting Tips
The strictures, according to Seuss
Re: Real Life Perl Exercises
Re: Kill [me] (Free Note Taker) How do you Map & Disconnect Network Drives (in Windows)? interesting nodes: to delete a set of specific lines in a file I have been away from perl for a long time. Need suggestions for getting back in the game! A bio of my Perl life. Swallowing an elephant in 10 easy steps Common Beginner Mistakes [id://] Re: Acme::Don't my public scratchpad is populated, or polluted:
matze77's scratchpad

Odd or even or even odd?:-):
Terse Code for Odd Numbers
Found new online Regex tool
Some Perl Ressources:

Dominus higher Order Perl book, available for download now:
"Higher-Order Perl" now available for free download

Perl Community Calendar: Perl Newbie Mailing List
Perl-Fun: props Devel::Modlist S‎crip‎ts:‎crip‎ts/

Vim Plugin from perlmonk:

Some Monks i met (at Frankfurt/Germany): szabgab

File Related:
Re: Returning sub directories Other monks homenodes i find worth looking:
moritz GrandFather Hue-Bond ybiC Corion belg4mit Jeffrey Kegler Intrepid Lady_Aleena cog cosmicperl lakshmananindia $code or die DigitalKitty Milamber targetsmart [id://]
My 1st book review:
Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 24 Hours

These are only for fast copy n paste: [id://] []

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[tye]: probably something in the init subsystem that does the mounting that you could disable and reboot.
davido needs to close laptop to board flight home from yapc.
[davido]: I'll look into it in a few hours probably.
[davido]: when i do get to that point I think I'll do it in a vm snapshot just in case. :)
[oiskuu]: tye, you were right: loginuid/sessionid are part of task struct if compiled with AUDITSYSCALL. I have some doubts if you should actually depend on that feature.
[Corion]: oiskuu: Depends on what you want to do with that information
[tye]: I'm not depending on that feature. But I could in this environment. I'm using getlogin(). shrug
[Corion]: For benign logging (which user started this DB instance), it's OK
[tye]: We use auditd for security monitoring. So we can rely on auditing being enabled. I'm not sure who would want to not be able to audit. Maybe some VM inside another system with audit?

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