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by hanumant (Initiate)
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WILLIAM A. MORITA Qualifications Summary ====================== Software Engineer with 30+ year's development and support spanning Unix, Linux, Windows, and mixed Unix/PC environments. Strengths include design, development, support and extension of: * Embedded Systems * Tools * Compilers / Interpreters * OS / Kernel / Drivers * Client/Server Software * Applications * Configuration Management * Complete Software Development Cycle o Detailed and reliable. Dependable team player and individual contributor. o Outside-the-box thinker with creativity to yield innovative solutions. o Recent MBA with strong team, written, verbal and presentation skills. Technical Skills Summary ======================== o PC / Windows: DOS, 98/XP/W2k, MFC, IDE, DLL, OLE, COM, Client/Server, GUI, Cygwin o Unix / Linux: Compilers, Kernel Internals, X11, Client/Server, GUI, S‎crip‎ts, Oracle, DBMS o Languages: C, C++, Visual C++, Pascal, Java, Tcl-Tk, BASIC, FORTRAN, SQL, DDL, SNMP, ILMI, make, ksh, perl, awk, lex, yacc, HTML, Assembler o Font Formats: BDF, FNT, FON o Source Control: Clearcase, SourceSafe, CVS, RCS, SCCS, PVCS o Word Processing / Editors: MS Word, Framemaker, nroff, emacs, vi, HTML o Other: Sys Admin, Documentation, Support, R/T Data Acquisition, Telephony, IVR, Process Control, Porting, Product Build, Configuration and Version Control Management o Education: BSCS, MBA-TM Selected Accomplishments ======================== Embedded Systems ---------------- * Embedded Systems Development of a DSL Modem/Router Systems development using Redhat 7.3 on an Intel StrongARM processor. Development of embedded (client) portion of the SNMP based ILMI protocol. (See Intel below) * Embedded Wireless Applications on Stargate (Intel PXA255 XScale (ARM)) Redhat 9 applications development on Intel Stargate processor for remote sensor (mote) network. Sensor mote communication via Zigbee protocol. Zigbee is IEEE 802.15.4 standard. * GUI Debugger for Embedded SIMD parallel multiprocessor GUI debugger for minimal debug core resident in programming in SIMD parallel processor. Interface allowed a breakpoint and examination/setting of memories and registers. Client / Server Software ------------------------ Network Protocols / SNMP * Auto-configuration Protocols for DSL Modems Eliminated need for DSLAM during initial development of embedded (client) portion of ILMI protocol through implementation of Interface Management Entity (IME) server portion of Integrated Local Management Interface (ILMI) protocol (af-ilmi-0065). Server IME enabled testing and development of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) half of ILMI protocol over TCP-IP vs ATM. Remote Debugging /Multiple GUI's * Remote GUI Debugger Design and Development Developed and maintained two remote GUI debuggers for CNAPS/NT device architecture. GUIs used were MFC and Visix. Enabled debug of routines in SIMD parallel multi-processor accelerator for signal, image, forms processing, and neural nets. * X11 server on Windows. X11-AT server, which was one of the first X-servers available under windows. Created Windows to X11 font converter to support X-server. Windows 3.1 implementation was especially challenging. Compilers / Interpreters / Run Time ----------------------------------- * Commercialized C Compiler Commercialized C compiler and runtime for the AMOS operating system in spite of absence of memory map and required generation of relocateable and reentrant code. Stabilized, improved error recovery, and optimized code output by 27%, execution by 39%. * Ported Compiler and Interpreters to New Operating Systems and Processors Successfully ported 2 COBOL, 1 Pascal compiler/interpreters to new operating systems and processors. Maintained BASIC compiler / interpreters on several differing operating systems. * Supported BASIC Compiler/Interpreters on 3 Differing OS's and Processors Supported BASIC on MAI Basic Four OS, Point 4 IRIS OS and AlphaMicro AMOS OS OS / Kernel / Drivers / File Systems ------------------------------------ * File Systems Existing IRIS operating system file system file size was maxed out for many applications. Designed and implemented new ISAM file system that required spanning spindles, key balancing and implementation in limited size system assembler overlays. * Device Drivers Designed and wrote device drivers for both serial & DMA devices, some with extended diagnostic capabilities. * Authored Configuration and Installation S‎crip‎ts Generated configuration and installation s‎crip‎ts for both drivers and entire subsystems. * Microcode for a System Bootstrap and Loader Wrote Basic 4 encrypted system bootstrap/loader microcode for security from reverse engineering Applications ------------ * Voice Messaging and Time Tracking (Telephony) Automated time tracking data collection with voice messaging. Streamlined the payroll in a nation-wide system for Coca Cola Enterprises Inc. Data routed to company's AS400 payroll system generating subsequent cost savings. Messaging and system reports supported better management of field personnel. * Call Queuing Application (Telephony) Dropped source code line count 50% to ~65,000 lines of a extremely bloated phone call queue application. 80% reduction in Oracle DB space utilization cutting needed tech support by over half. Coating Gage ------------ * Direct Readout Gauging System. Real-time thickness gage software for measuring thickness of continuous coating in mill. Gage provided "immediate" and continuing thickness readouts for the coating operator allowing coating thickness to be set at just over specifications. Significant cost savings in coating materials since previously coatings were typically run at 150%-200% of specification. Tools ----- * Assemblers, Linkers and Debuggers Developed / supported multiple assemblers, linkers and debuggers under Unix, NT and proprietary OS's. Debugger development for SIMD parallel processor. * Product Build, Configuration and Version Control Reduced build times 25% and production time 60+% while developing and maintaining Build, Configuration and Version Control. Product build systems on multiple differing systems and employers. * Silicon Wafer Processing "Recipe" Archive Utility Authored archive utility enabling backup and transport of silicon wafer processing recipes between like silicone wafer processing tools. * Compilers (see above) Recent Courses -------------- * Linux Installation and Configuration * Linux Network Administration * Network Security * C# Programming * Computer Forensics Work History ============ Sr. Functional Test Engineer - RADISYS CORPORATION, HILLSBORO, OR (10/2007 - 9/2008) Contract * Development and support of functional test software, procedures and design/specification of specialized testing hardware. (C, Perl, GCC, S‎crip‎ting, Clearcase, Linux, Cygwin) Sr. Software Engineer - SEMANTIC DESIGNS, INC, TX (7/2007 - 10/2007) Contract * Ported a Parlanse compiler from Visual C to GCC. Converted several ASM modules to C. (C, Visual Studio, GCC, Visual Source Safe, Linux, Cygwin, Bash, Make) Sr. Software Engineer - INTEL CORPORATION, HILLSBORO, OR (4/2006 - 7/2006) Contract * Design, implementation, support of software testing modules for testing motherboards on production line. * Determination of root causes of module issues and drive resolution (hardware or software). (Visual Studio 6, 2003 and 2005; Source Safe; C, C++) Sr. Software Engineer - SENSORIQ INC, LAKE OSWEGO, OR (2005) * Selected software, loaded and configured both Windows and Linux on multiple systems. * Software configuration of Stargate (ARM) and Atmil (Motes) required for Zigbee mesh sensor network. * Setup project source control and defect tracking. (C, Bash, Make, CVS, SAMBA, Bugzilla, Apache) Applications Support Engineer - AMBPAC INC, SACRAMENTO, CA (2003) * Supported ambulance accounts receivable Business Basic application. (Indexed Sequential) * Sys admin for in-house and customers as part of support duties. (Telnet, FTP, SCO Unix, Sys Admin) * Defect tracking and patch distribution. Sr. Software Engineer - INTEL CORPORATION, BEAVERTON, OR (2000 - 2001) ATM / CPE auto-configuration and spreadsheet driven configuration management. Product was ARM based DSL modem running embedded Red Hat Linux. Linux kernel drivers, loadable kernel modules and proc file system. * ILMI (Integrated Local Management Interface) development. IME (Interface Management Entity) for ATM and TCP/IP. (C, bash, make, CVS, embedded) * Designed and implemented GUI interface used for product demo at SuperCom (C, Tcl/Tk, bash, CVS). * Produced Mahwah configuration database High Level Design. * Spreadsheet driven configuration management system (Excel, Perl, bash, CVS). Sr. Software Engineer - NOVELLUS SYSTEMS, INC, TUALATIN, OR (2000) * Developed process control programming for the copper electroplating of silicon wafers (300 mm) under QNX, a Posix compliant RTOS. * Designed, developed and documented a recipe (a plating process control specification) archive utility. Stored/restored/transferred recipes between Novellus SaberŪ wafer processing tools. (C, RCS, Clearcase) Sr. Software Engineer - INTERACTIVE NORTHWEST, TUALATIN, OR (1998-2000) Developed Unix IVR applications on Lucent hardware/software platforms; maintain parts of company infrastructure. * Touchtone driven time tracking and messaging system for Coca Cola Inc. (IVR, C, Oracle, SQL, Perl, Ksh) * Distributed QIC tape generation system. Parallel application tape generation on multiple systems on LAN. Saved labor and increased productivity. (Ksh, RFS) * Serial marquis driver under ATT Unix. (C) * Designed and implemented a turnkey backup application for source archive and build system. (Ksh) * Maintained and extended product build system. (Ksh, make, RCS) * Design, development, documentation and instruction of field support environment. (Ksh) Sr. Software Engineer - ANALOGY INC (LATER AVANTE, NOW SYNOPSYS), BEAVERTON, OR (1997-1998) Developed in C++ and AIMŪ, a Tcl-Tk derivative for both Unix and NT platforms. * Generated OO design for VHDL-AMS (IEEE 1076.1) debugger. * Supported compiler and interpreter development (Sun OS, Sun Workstation, Clearcase). Sr. Software Engineer - ADAPTIVE SOLUTIONS INC., BEAVERTON, OR (1996-1997) CNAPS is a SIMD parallel multi-processor accelerator best known for signal, image, forms processing and neural nets. Developed using Visual C++, MFC and COM for Windows NT. * Developed CNAPS MFC based GUI debugger for CNAPS/NT device architecture (C, C++, SourceSafe). * CNAPS Visix/Galaxy based debugger for network server architecture under Unix / NT. (C++, SourceSafe) Software Staff Specialist - AUTOMATED DATA PROCESSING, DEALER SERVICES, PORTLAND, OR (1992-1995) * Design and development of Unix systems utilities to support auto dealership system. * Subsystem solving synching DBMS table with C and Pascal data structures. (lex, yacc, C, SQL, DDL) * Etherplex installation / configuration / support. High throughput device allowing single host with 300-1024 serial ports. (Ksh, C) * Managed system build for releases UX550 and UX600. (make, CVS, C) * Performance measurement of jBASE vs. Pick Basic. (C, C++, Ksh, Clearcase) Systems Programmer IV - ASYMETRIX CORPORATION (NOW CLICK2LEARN), BELLEVUE, WA (1991-1992) Developed portions of the OpenS‎crip‎t language as part of an enhancement of Toolbook. (C, Lex, Yacc, Assembler) Sr. Software Engineer - INTEGRATED INFERENCE MACHINES, ANAHEIM, CA (1989-1991) Designed and development of X-server and supporting utilities under Windows. (C, shell s‎crip‎ts, Lisp) * Created conversion for X font BDF format into Windows FNT and FON formats. * Drove initiation of X-Clients on remote host via Telnet protocol. * Extended X11/AT X-server under Windows 3.1 . * Wrote a login DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) command server. * Maintained and enhanced MIP I/O Server and Interface to IIM Lisp machine. Sr. Software Engineer, Language Specialist - COMPUTER CONSOLES INC. IRVINE, CA (1988 - 1989) Compiler development for Power 6 and Power 7 processors. * C compiler resource management requiring high optimization for a RISC processor. (C, Assembler) * Ported Micro Focus COBOL to the Power 6 processor. (C, Assembler) Sr. Systems Programmer/Analyst - ALPHA MICROSYSTEMS INC., SANTA ANA, CA (1983-1988) * Language development and support for MC68000/68020 under AMOS operation system. * Lead - Languages project, directing 2 programmers. * Implemented standard library to support porting of programs from Unix. (C, Assembler) * Redesigned C compiler and run-time reducing code size 27% and speeding execution 39%. (C, Assembler) * Facilitated ports of COBOL and Unify DBMS from Unix to AMOS. (C, Assembler, COBOL) * Enhanced and maintained BASIC and UCSD derived Pascal. (C, Assembler, BASIC) * Extended 680x0 utilities - assembler, linkage and library editors, debugger and patch utility. (C, Assembler) * Delivered resident (shared) library utility reducing memory needed 80+%.(C, Assembler) Sr. Programmer/Analyst - POINT 4 DATA CORPORATION, IRVINE, CA (1978 - 1983) * Enhanced and maintained IRIS BASIC. Added program security extensions. (Assembler, BASIC) * Implemented Polyfiles, an ISAM file system, for multi-volume databases. (Assembler) * Conceived and built an automated patching system for field patch application. * Ported UCSD Pascal from Z80 under CPM to Data General Nova under the IRIS operating system. Consultant - SOFTWARE DYNAMICS, BUENA PARK, CA (1977 - 1978) * Extended assembler for the SDOS operating system. * Extensions included cross Assembler for 6809, 6805, 6801 and 6800. Intelligent branches added, branches to non-forward references resolved to jumps or inverted conditional branches over jump when target was more than 128 bytes distant. (Assembler) Developmental Engineer - BASIC/FOUR CORPORATION, TUSTIN, CA (1977 - 1978) * Wrote Winchester disk driver for Basic/Four OS. Supported formatting and setting/use of alternate sectors. * Delivered a hardware diagnostic subsystem. (Assembler) * Researched and authored design for the implementation of Business BASIC on the Z80. * Rewrote and enhanced the decrypting system loader. (Assembler) Computer Systems Specialist - NUCLEONIC DATA SYSTEMS, IRVINE, CA (1975 - 1977) * Software design and implementation of an industrial thickness gauge utilizing X-ray fluorescence techniques. Job requiring both real-time and process control programming under RT-11 on the PDP-11. (Assembler, FORTRAN, Curve fitting) Programmer/Analyst - CODE RESEARCH CORPORATION, ANAHEIM, CA (1972-1975) Design and development of several real-time data acquisition systems. * Application of these high speed data systems included use by Rockwell during initial development of the B-1A Bomber. (Assembler. FORTRAN) * Developed several device drivers for the PDP-11 under the RSX11-D operating system. * Constructed the software for an experimental electroplating system for use by the US Navy. This system both controlled and recorded plating current profiles. * Created the software for the 3-dimensional linear function generator which was part of the system produced by Electronic Associates Inc. for the Redstone Arsenal. Programmer - Electronic Engineering Company of California (EECO), Santa Ana, CA (1971-1972) * Hotel reservations system applications programming in Assembler language. On-site support & training. Education: * BS, Information & Computer Science, University of California, Irvine, CA. * MBA, Technical Management, University of Phoenix. Professional and Other Affiliations: * Association for Computing Machinery * IEEE * Software Association of Oregon * Mensa

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