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by arturo (Vicar)
on Apr 17, 2001 at 20:06 UTC ( #73215=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to

Hm ... thinking back, I'm not clear how one might write this one in an OO fashion ...

package Action; sub new { my $class = shift; my $self = {}; bless $class, $self; $self; } # other methods sub set_nobility { if ($self->{type} eq 'suffer') { $self->{nobility} = $self->{acted_upon) eq 'slings and arrows of out +rageous fortune' ? 1 : .5; } if ($self->{type} eq 'take arms against') { $self->{nobility} = $self->{acted_upon) eq 'a sea of troubles' ? .9 +8 : .2; } } sub nobility { return $self->{nobility}; }

Putting it to use is left as an exercise for the reader ... erm, author.

Philosophy can be made out of anything. Or less -- Jerry A. Fodor

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